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Chris0War -> Zone population and living arrangements (11/12/2020 3:51:55 PM)

In the first game i tried i accidently tried to create a new city ( zone ) by selecting a hex and use the colonization order to go live on that hex, the result was not a city but there did appear some housing signaling a village or something.

Is this is any way implemented that, for example you would like to create such a nice nameless village next to a spot where 5 to 10000 people are at work in mines for example or truck stations or is this a maybe future implementation of a more developed zoning tool ?

Nachtjager -> RE: Zone population and living arrangements (11/12/2020 7:40:42 PM)

Have you tried pressing the "create new zone" button?

Chris0War -> RE: Zone population and living arrangements (11/13/2020 3:53:28 PM)


ORIGINAL: Nachtjager

Have you tried pressing the "create new zone" button?

Yes i tried that, several tries before i discovered that the zone also required an asset,

then i created a whole plan to build a truckhub, farm and preferably a mine or scavenge operation before i decided on creating a zone

After some more time i discovered that inhabitants would only benefit from the farm if emergency food was turned on so i decided to skip the farm only to apply that one again some time later after discovering how much strain a little bit of food could have on the logistical network

After that i found out that a lot of people recommended to build a city always next to some resources which still is not completely understood by me

I can understand how this will benefit a growing city but still, most of the time in the beginning you need all of the resources your self, not to mention the fact that all those people will eventually return in search of a new job when the resource is finished, still with ample mining possibilities i guess it can't hurt and certainly if you managed to hit some sort of equilibrium

boomboomf22 -> RE: Zone population and living arrangements (11/13/2020 5:51:38 PM)

The reason people recommend putting new cities near resources is because one of the main reasons to build a new city is to reduce administrative strain of potentially exploiting said resources.

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