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Heatseeker -> Soft Damage Range? (11/9/2020 3:44:14 PM)

What exactly is the variable soft damage range?

nikolas93TS -> RE: Soft Damage Range? (11/9/2020 5:20:40 PM)

Basically, the range at which soft damage becomes null. It is used by a very limited number of shells such as, for example, canister shot, which loses lethality further down the range.

Heatseeker -> RE: Soft Damage Range? (11/9/2020 6:04:39 PM)

So it is to be used for shotguns etc, and is not to be used for blast radius as a I suspected?

nikolas93TS -> RE: Soft Damage Range? (11/9/2020 7:34:37 PM)


Veitikka -> RE: Soft Damage Range? (11/9/2020 10:18:25 PM)

I recommend being very careful with this value, because if it's used then the maximum potential level of damage is never reached at any range. I think if combined with 'low/medium' soft damage then there will never be any (soft) damage.

So, never use the value with 'low/medium' soft damage. Roughly estimated, if soft damage is 'high' then the soft damage range should be at least 2.5x the maximum range. If soft damage is 'very high' then the soft damage range should be at least 1.82x the maximum range.

I think the relevant values in the official database might need tweaking...

By the way, in the next update there will be an overhaul coming to the data editor text labels and tooltips, in addition to the scalable UI.

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