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havoc1371 -> Automatic conquest by AI (11/6/2020 3:52:35 PM)

I've only played a game as the Axis against the computer, but I have a question about the AI declaring war and conquering neutrals. As the Axis I have to declare war and actually invade Norway and Denmark with troops to force them to surrender. The AI Russia and Britain declared war on Iraq and Persia consecutively, and they both surrendered the same turn. No indication that any Allied troops actually had to invade and force the surrender. Why? I don't see how Russia could reach Tehran and take it in one move, unless there wasn't even a token unit in the capital. Iraq requires the British march up from Basra and take Baghdad.

If there is an event option like in Strategic command to automatically conquer a country by expending diplomacy or resources, I didn't see it in the manual.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Automatic conquest by AI (11/6/2020 4:51:44 PM)

Yes there are A.I. activated events that simulate these scenarios because it simply can't do it on it's own.

havoc1371 -> RE: Automatic conquest by AI (11/7/2020 1:23:19 PM)

So if I play the Allies, I have to physically invade these countries? But the AI doesn't?

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Automatic conquest by AI (11/7/2020 4:36:43 PM)

That is correct.

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