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jarraya -> A good result? (11/6/2020 3:45:54 PM)

I bought this amazing game a long time ago, and only now, thanks to Mr. Virus, am I able to dedicate some time to it (it needs it)!
I watched a few videos, read a few threads in the forums, asked some daft questions, and here is my first result playing the Italy campaign. I'm quite pleased, but would like to hear from others if this is a good result compared to what the experienced players can achieve?
I'm disappointed I didn't get to capture Vienna but I find the mountain passes very difficult to break and they chew up a lot of men, so I decided to stop at the Dolomites.


jarraya -> RE: A good result? (11/6/2020 3:46:24 PM)

The graph


jarraya -> RE: A good result? (11/6/2020 3:47:35 PM)

The map


GloriousRuse -> RE: A good result? (11/6/2020 8:57:30 PM)

I'm less familiar with that scenario than the GC, but against a normal AI I would read that as "I am comfortably competent enough with the core systems and mechanics of the game to take on a larger campaign and/or a human without losing on due to bad clicks." Which, for a GG game, is actually a pretty solid baseline to start from.

cfulbright -> RE: A good result? (11/6/2020 10:51:49 PM)

I'd day you did very well.

Here's my one comment/tip for you when it comes to that Yugoslav border: you need to "sanitize" the border or Axis units will keep creeping across it and behind your lines. The way you sanitize it is to move a division-sized unit along the border so that it casts a zone of control one hex across the border. I don't know for sure the game is coded to work this way, but my experience in 4-5 1943 grand campaigns is that works and allows you to clean out the Istrian Peninsula and then move those units north to fight toward Klagenfurt.


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