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Zovs -> Zovs Mods (11/4/2020 12:07:23 PM)

So I got at least one request and I decided to create a Dropbox link to the map and counter mods I am using.

As stated elsewhere, I am using a combination of Tele, Nick, Steve, Shadrach and Bob's map mods as well as some of Steve's and Dave's counter mods, along with my modification to Dave's 2D flat counter mod and my custom Counter Unit's mod.

Here is the link for anything is interested:


Magpius -> RE: Zovs Mods (11/17/2020 7:34:43 AM)


Zovs -> RE: Zovs Mods (11/17/2020 9:52:03 AM)

Your welcome.

dannyboipl -> RE: Zovs Mods (3/24/2021 7:34:20 AM)

Thanks Zovs

lecrop -> RE: Zovs Mods (6/2/2021 3:10:35 PM)

Thanks for share [:)]

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