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Hellen_slith -> FitE2 Free for All suggestion for community game and RF players! (11/2/2020 4:21:32 PM)

FitE2 suggestion for possible "free for all" game

Hello here is suggestion for all to consider re: FitE2

If you are willing, is possible for us to all have a go
at the monster, and that way folks can experience the monster
painlessly! Idea follows,

Cheltham has suggested passing move in progress (it is currently Soviet move 29 just started)
to whomever would like to continue the Soviet move, the file and a general briefing will be
provided, then you open .sav file you get,
make move or part of move, and return.

then next Stalin or Hitler man gets a go at it,
or part of it they want to do, and same again around.

This way everyone who wants to have a go at it can have fun with it
and we all together will finish the monster quicker than is possible
with the usual just two victims of the monster!

I think this would be a very fun and interesting exp. and it
also gives opportunity for all to get to have fun and exp.
the FitE2 thing painlessly!

Don't think about any "problems" you think would mess up idea,
we are all adults here and can conduct ourselves properly
to make it a fun thing to do. I am happy to coordinate the
effort, and want to give this idea a try. We solve issues as we go along,
a collegiate and fun effort.

SO, if willing, we will start at point in game we have reached
(at Sov. 28 or so I think, Kiev has been taken, Moscow is being
threatened, etc. etc.

If you are interested, just send me an email
through the slitherine thing (I think you can click on my name over there) or
to and we get the show on the road!

We are using FitE2 version 1.8
it is in Larry's list in mods section of forum area here
if you don't already have it installed.

if you want you can
take the game and then just make part of the move or do a front (for Soviets)
or a Army Group or part of Army Group or country and return your
save file annd we will continue along to next player continue on the move etc. and we will work out system of resolve combats, then around we go again!

Any general question can post here or can email me, either the slitherine way or feel free to send direct

So if interest send me an email with any questions, or just say, Lemme have it! All are welcome!

We've developed a pretty cool system of "game bookkeeping" that is going to easily keep everything straight and make it easy for players to quickly get into the "meat" of FitE2. I hope you will consider giving it a go and help us test this system if you don't like how it goes, then no problem and we continue and improve system as we go!

PS right now, it is still Soviet turn 29 and the complete AAR is over there in AAR under the community effort thread.
We are making guides on how we quickly and easily do things like navigating map / finding particulare units etc. w/ keyboard and other shortcuts that slices this scene down to manageable size. I remember one chap (I think in cpt flam's thread) asked, "How do you PLAY such a massive scene?" well we are going to show you how we do it. Will publish also the little guides we are doing, ideas in these are also applicable to all scenes.

Thank you and have a great gaming day!

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 Free for All suggestion for community game and RF players! (11/2/2020 4:29:07 PM)

Game status will always be posted in most recent post of AAR thread which is located in the AAR section

A Manual for ease of entry into this team game is in process and will be posted here by the weekend.

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 Free for All suggestion for community game and RF players! (11/2/2020 5:09:18 PM)

PS to make fair and most fun for everyone, voluntary unit subdivision ist verboten

units that have been subdivided by combat must be recombined at earliest opportunity.

subdivided by combat unit fragments may continue the fight until recombined.

Rumanians may only stack with an HQ or Artillery unit.
Maximum stack of Rumanian is thus two except for Rumanian air units,
they may stack three on an airfield

PPPS: all participants identities and emails will remain confidential and not shared. If you as player want to share those kinds of details, you are free to do so etc.

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 Free for All suggestion for community game and RF players! (11/2/2020 6:07:40 PM)

Here is an example briefing you will receive with your .sav file. This might be example of what a Soviet player would receive along with the .sav file for them to use for their move, along with any special notes.

Briefing from фирст маршал Stalin
28 сентября
Greetings, Comrade! Attached is move file for you to continue glorious Sacred War!
Please note following!

RR Engineers have been assigned their tasks. All air units are available for rebasing / reassignment at your command if wished. Most ground units awaiting orders. The Polotsk Pocket rail has been cut, so immediate reinforcement to Polotsk is impossible but our Comrades there are fighting gloriously! Some Soviet Armored Trains are available for rail use but we think they are well placed for now.

Suggestion: bolster Ukrainian forces defending approaches to Odessa and Sevastapol. Hunt the Hungarian.
Good luck Comrade! For the Motherland!
/s/ Cheltham, Assít Game Controller

Zovs -> RE: FitE2 Free for All suggestion for community game and RF players! (11/2/2020 6:56:26 PM)

Why not do MP Team? Like GG WitE? You would need at least 6 players, generally the idea is one takes North, Center and South (3 for the Axis Team and 3 for the Soviet Tea,).

Of course the hard part is herding all the cats and coordinating everything. But then some drop out and then ...


Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 Free for All suggestion for community game and RF players! (11/2/2020 7:24:55 PM)

OH yes, well this IS a MP game, just more free form thta anyone can join play. EG if you want to be just AGN, that is up to you, but would have to wait for Soviet turn to end. If we have enough interest for a full MP game, that is fine, and we do it like. So then right now for that would at least two more Germans, and however many Fronts for the Soviets.

If anyone wants a Soviet front to start with, we send .sav file and then you move your Front and then return .sav file. Or, just move all Soviets or as much you want and send back, and it will proceed right along! Right now just need someone to start with a Soviet front. They can as much or as little as they want. That would be similar to the WitP:AE games I think.

I post screen of how Moscow front area looks ATM, will give idea of where Soviets are. I get C to send me a screen shote.

PS Mr Zovs you can move the Moscow front if you want, no requirement if you wind up unable to continue, but if you would like to give it a whirl, sing out and you can be Moscow front or Leningrad or Kiev or whatever you want! Right now it is game time in late September 41 :) I assure you is interesting! well, let me know!

Zovs -> RE: FitE2 Free for All suggestion for community game and RF players! (11/3/2020 12:30:00 AM)

Is the screen shot in the AAR section?

Hellen_slith -> RE: FitE2 Free for All suggestion for community game and RF players! (11/3/2020 5:32:40 AM)



Is the screen shot in the AAR section?

sorry for delay and now is latest screen shot Moscow front in the AAR thread, will post more when can ... and also, it really doesn't matter if we post both sides in same AAR, we look at both sides all the time, to us is just a big ol' tabletop war game that we would do that anyway like old days, we just having fun with it and thought this idea would be fun.

Update: HUZZAH! move is with Field Command of Glorious Motherland! moving to AAR thread in AAR section! Thanks everyone!

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