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redcrayon -> fite2 (11/2/2020 2:30:41 PM)

info for problems email file size ver. 1.9 gmail has large limit monster game lol

redcrayon -> RE: fite2 (11/2/2020 2:45:32 PM)

how do I know if I have ver. 1.9 where do I check this I down loaded 3 files for this and thanks for the help guys

Hellen_slith -> RE: fite2 (11/2/2020 3:29:08 PM)

sorry misunderstood questoin, see below

Hellen_slith -> RE: fite2 (11/2/2020 3:36:02 PM)

sorry i seem to have problem today with brain LoL

In scenario, do view->>>scenario briefing and you see version

just learned mine 1.8 LoL maybe that why I finding Soviet armored trains walking around in woods!!! LoL


Hellen_slith -> RE: fite2 (11/2/2020 3:49:07 PM)

i hope is ok now, if you want you can send me email i try to help again, gmail is still running so maybe quicker answer to you if you email me

redcrayon -> RE: fite2 (11/2/2020 8:46:18 PM)

version play fite2 you need ver. 1.9 I still show ver. 1.4 hellen slith I checked my game ?????

redcrayon -> RE: fite2 (11/2/2020 9:13:38 PM)

I need 3 files for fite2 version 1.9 someone sent me these but my game still shows ver. 1.4 help ill never get to moscow

redcrayon -> RE: fite2 (11/2/2020 9:35:50 PM)

where to get version 1.9 for fire in the east................

redcrayon -> RE: fite2 (11/2/2020 11:16:22 PM)

still waiting for info on ver. 1.9 I went to matrix downloads and no version 1.9??????????????

Hellen_slith -> RE: fite2 (11/2/2020 11:31:31 PM)

i looked for v1.8 but I think it might be latest version.
Not sure but I think 1.8 is the latest version?

Zovs -> RE: fite2 (11/3/2020 11:58:13 AM)

See the link I posted for 1.9

The scenario briefing shows:

FITE2 ver. 1.9, 16. Apr 2020

redcrayon -> RE: fite2 (11/3/2020 4:29:47 PM)

I now have ver. 1.9 you can find it in old forum posts..............and it comes with long list of rules bombing bridges air interdiction etc

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