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StreetF16 -> Air Attack (11/1/2020 4:20:16 PM)

Is there any way to select a single unit in a stack as the target for planned air attack? I have not been able to find this capability; it seems that air attack is peanut-butter spread across the entire stack much the same as artillery. Scud targets the only exception I've seen, they get automatic priority.

It would also make modern scenarios much more realistic if radar-guided SAMs could be specifically targeted--it would be a simple thing to add a "SEAD" option to the choices for air units, which would then only target anti-aircraft units in a given target hex in the same manner that airfield attacks only target aircraft. This might even be able to extend to the "on alert" type missions like Air Interdiction, to simulate Wild Weasel/Iron Hand missions.

I've also noticed that SAMs in the default OOBs seem grossly understrength--in playtesting I've had to increase their anti-air values many times, and/or increase the AAA lethality level, in order to get anything like realistic results.

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