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delatbabel -> mantis (10/27/2020 5:46:47 AM)


Is anyone still (or has been) using the EIA mantis server? I set this up some years ago as an interim solution while Matrix Games / Slitherine set up their own bug tracker. I haven't been able to contribute much but I did keep running the server.

Unfortunately what happened is that the operating system that mantis was running on went end of life earlier this year. I upgraded the OS but the new OS does not run mantis. Hence eiamantis is now broken.

I still have the database and source code files if someone wants the data from it or wants to set it up elsewhere. I'm not able to set up another server, especially one with an old OS that will still mantis.

Alternatively there are plenty of other good bug tracking systems out there. Someone could simply copy the data across.


pzgndr -> RE: mantis (10/27/2020 11:18:16 AM)

Hi Del,

Thank you for your efforts over the years. When I took on code development, I copied all of the open Mantis issues into a file that I have been ticking off as issues got resolved. As far as I know, nobody has been using Mantis to report new issues. I've been tackling things as posted in the forum or when pbem games hit a snag. If Mantis can stay online for access to the posted attachments, I'd say leave it be but frankly I have not needed to recheck Mantis in years. If Mantis cannot stay online then I doubt anyone will miss it.

Looking ahead, I am close to wrapping up v1.23.07 and sending files to Matrix to prepare an installer package for another comprehensive public beta. I hope to get that out before the holidays. Then after the holidays we can make it an official patch, perhaps updated with a v1.23.08 EXE to resolve any issues and/or make additional minor improvements. At that point, a new bug tracking system for the "new and improved" EIA would be nice. I'm also waiting to see if Marshall will finally get back involved or not; he may have some fresh ideas.

delatbabel -> RE: mantis (10/28/2020 1:31:58 AM)

OK thanks for that Bill. It's not feasible for me at the moment to leave the existing mantis system running, to do that would require rolling back the operating system on that server which I'm not prepared to do for security reasons and also because other things on that server require the new OS.

In terms of bug tracking systems, Mantis is pretty much outdated. I have moved everything to redmine and find that's a much more workable system.

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