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Robert24 -> Mini Game Or Campaign (10/24/2020 3:39:58 PM)

Good day all,
Do you all like playing mini games like 1941 Rostov or the campaign games that cover the
whole globe?

papayeti -> RE: Mini Game Or Campaign (10/24/2020 10:33:18 PM)

I like both, it kind of depends on how much time I'm willing to invest [:)]since the campaigns can go many, many turns. Right now I'm working in the Editor on creating some of my own individual battles. The first which I hope to have ready to post soon is a quick playing (30 turn) mod based on an old board game of mine "Napoleon's Art of War / Dresden". It is very scaled down as far as research, and only using infantry/cavalry/artillery and HQ units. Kind of learning the editor as I go so I'm encountering some issues I can't quite nail down.

Enlightened -> RE: Mini Game Or Campaign (10/24/2020 11:49:47 PM)

scenerios ijust want to know how to download some

Robert24 -> RE: Mini Game Or Campaign (10/25/2020 6:01:05 PM)

Each scenario is posted by each designer so you have to follow the link they provide to the files
and download them.

Do you know how to and what location to install them at? If not I can send the instructions.

Enlightened -> RE: Mini Game Or Campaign (10/26/2020 1:26:01 AM)

yes I need instructions, thankyou.

Enlightened -> RE: Mini Game Or Campaign (10/26/2020 1:34:11 AM)

i try to install it but then it says I don't have strategic command installed .Is it because I bought it off steam.

Robert24 -> RE: Mini Game Or Campaign (10/26/2020 3:58:01 AM)

First thing to do is make sure you have the latest update:

To download the game files for the 1939 Poland mod go here:

Open the zip files and place them on your computer here:
C:\Users\Robert\Documents\My Games\Strategic Command WWII - World at War\Campaigns

You should now be able to start SC3 and see 1939 Poland in the list of games.

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