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ssiviour -> Lend Lease Issue (10/19/2020 6:51:26 PM)

Turn is now Nov/Dec 1939 using 4.2 but started with earlier version

F2A Buffalo was requested by CW with other FTR during set up and lent by USA. Later in the first turn I have noticed that this FTR has not entered the CW force pool and does not show in the USA force pool either. According to the Lend Lease pool it's status for the CW is Available but for the USA it is Lent. Requesting the unit again by the CW achieves nothing.

I was hoping this would correct come the first production turn but it did not.

Any tips or work arounds?

How can I manually change status?


ssiviour -> RE: Lend Lease Issue (10/19/2020 6:55:00 PM)

Current game save from Allied computer, Nov/Dec 39 Impulse 3

Shannon V. OKeets -> RE: Lend Lease Issue (10/20/2020 7:47:19 PM)


ORIGINAL: ssiviour

Current game save from Allied computer, Nov/Dec 39 Impulse 3

There are two steps to requesting a lend lease air unit.
1 - The requesting major power selects a unit and clicks on the Request button.
2 - The granting request major power currently controlling a comparable unit, clicks on the Lend Lease Group button to see which of its units can be used to satisfy the request. He then selects which unit to use to satisfy the request and clicks on the Grant Request button.

As soon as the second major power grants the request, the labels under the air units should change to reflect their new status/locations.


What appears unusual in your game is the one fighter (the Tomahawk) has been lent and is on the map as a British air unit. At the same time the US version of the Buffalo is marked as Lent and the British version is still shown as Avail.

Something went wrong during the request/grant process.

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