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Eboreg -> [FIXED] MOP can not drop due to boresight problems (10/17/2020 7:03:50 PM)

I've recently noticed that the Boresight calculations have become all sorts of messed up for gravity bombs and the MOP is the worst effected. It's completely unable to get released at all and this makes the "Nightmares" scenario flat out impossible to play. Attached is a save where I fruitlessly try to get a B-2 armed with MOPs to bomb a target.

DWReese -> RE: MOP can not drop due to boresight problems (10/17/2020 8:01:52 PM)

FWIW, I agree. I was unable to get the B-2 into any kind of position because of the Boresight calculations.

This is not the only bomb affected by this issue. It seems as though it is widespread throughout most, if not all. This issue first started surfacing about one month ago, IIRC. I believe that it was some tweak to the system that resulted in this issue. It has almost made these bombs unusable.

AndrewJ -> RE: MOP can not drop due to boresight problems (10/18/2020 3:47:07 AM)

I've experienced this with LGBs and other ground attack ordnance. I find that in many cases I need to manually put my aircraft into a shallow dive (i.e., select a lower altitude) just before launch, thus pointing the aircraft's sensor cone downwards, and allowing it to see the target and release the bomb. It's not always realistic (F-117s, for example should be able to level bomb quite happily), but it seems to function as a work-around.

Just remember to pull up again after weapons release, before you inadvertently fly down into MANPADS range!

Dimitris -> RE: MOP can not drop due to boresight problems (10/18/2020 8:04:45 AM)

Thanks! Fixed for the next update.

Also tested a number of different LGBs and iron bomb types and they seemed to work OK, but because of the wild variety of types (we have over 15 guidance modes + unguided), there may be any stragglers. If you happen along any such case with another weapon please open a new thread.

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