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porpoisehead -> WitP Tracker - Res Ship Load vs. Res Port Load (10/17/2020 11:27:13 AM)

Hey folks,

I'm setting up Resource convoys for my first Japanese GC and I'm not sure if I'm interpreting the WitP Tracker data correctly.

I originally interpreted the values of "Res Ship Load" and "Res Port Load" to mean "how much you can load onto a ship per day" and "how much you can unload into the port per day." For example, in my screenshot, I thought that Port Arthur could load up to 4,000 Resources onto ships per day, and unload up to 150,900 resources from ships per day.

However, reading Damian's Japanese economy primer (specifically page 8), it seems that these values mean, "the maximum you can load onto any one ship per day" and "the maximum you can load onto all ships per day." This makes a lot more common sense, because Port Arthur is a size 9 port and it would be a bit baffling if it could only load 4,000 Resources per day. It seems this would mean the ideal Resource-carrying ships to send to PA are those that carry up to 4,000 cargo, not more.

Thanks for your help!


RangerJoe -> RE: WitP Tracker - Res Ship Load vs. Res Port Load (10/17/2020 12:19:53 PM)

A suggestion, ship from Fusan (Pusan) to Japan which is a total distance of two hexes which can be entirely coastal by going though that island hex. That is faster and cheaper. Just build up the port to the maximum before any airfield increase. You might also want to increase the LI there to get more resources to flow there.

Also, "seed" the port with a little bit of oil - even if it is just one small tankers worth. Then you can also start loading oil there in resource convoys to send to Japan.

Make sure that Fusan has been set to "stockpile" resources and oil.

Yaab -> RE: WitP Tracker - Res Ship Load vs. Res Port Load (10/24/2020 9:35:34 AM)

Yep, "Res Ship Load" means how much res the port will load onto a ship during one turn and "Res Port Load" means how much res the port can handle in a turn in loading/unloading operations. When matching your TFs to these two columns dont forget the "Tf Dock" column,so you don't clog the port with too many ships.

szmike -> RE: WitP Tracker - Res Ship Load vs. Res Port Load (10/24/2020 9:50:21 AM)

Also remember resource centers (and oil/refineries) increase possible load per ship and daily port capacity. But it doesn't apply to unloading as far as I know.

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