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franklin1000 -> increase credits (10/16/2020 10:41:58 PM)

Does building more assets increase credits earned?

Soar_Slitherine -> RE: increase credits (10/17/2020 7:51:49 AM)

Building public assets increases both expenses and revenue, since you're paying the workers and then taxing the money they spend in the private economy. Some private assets, such as private industry and farms, produce credits, which is explicitly listed as a part of their production output (and ones that produce private resources can also generate taxable credit income by selling those to the market).

franklin1000 -> RE: increase credits (10/18/2020 12:23:02 AM)


Dashwood -> RE: increase credits (10/19/2020 8:19:00 PM)

A large private economy can go a looooong way. I'm not even late game yet and I can use emergency taxes to raise 30K plus credits from one of my zones.

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