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pbrowne -> Message audio (10/16/2020 6:42:56 AM)

I came across the following YouTube play out of the Ground Pounder scenario, and it has audio of the message log:

Scroll to around 23:07...

Seems to be pretty cool, and may help to not miss messages if you are focused on other things.

Is this using ComSpeak

The player also has video clips, e.g. of the Tomahawks and SAMs. I assume this is in-play and not edited into his video. Not as useful as audio messages though.

Rory Noonan -> RE: Message audio (10/16/2020 8:05:29 AM)

Looks and sounds a lot like SeaHag:�

pbrowne -> RE: Message audio (10/16/2020 8:41:09 AM)

Cool, Thanks Rory! Works great.

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