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MJY -> Swedish Fighter and HQ Bug??? (10/14/2020 8:34:46 PM)

Hey all,

In a couple of recent games, the Swedes have joined the Allies. And in both games, the Swedish fighter has been highlighted with the purple hatching.

According to a recent post:

"under supplied Air units, attached to an HQ but not to the most optimal supply giving HQ, will be indicated by a purple hatch beneath the applicable Air unit"

but that cannot be the case in this case. There is only one Swedish HQ and the fighter in question is adjacent to the HQ.

I assume this is just an indicator error, but want to make sure that that unit is in fact receiving its maximum supply.



mdsmall -> RE: Swedish Fighter and HQ Bug??? (10/15/2020 4:08:19 AM)

As I understand the supply rules, the purple hatching indicates that the fighter could get a higher level of supply from another (presumably German) HQ. If there is one in range, that would explain why the purple hatching is there. If so, trying changing the mode of your HQs to auto-assist and attaching the fighter to the German HQ.

MJY -> RE: Swedish Fighter and HQ Bug??? (10/15/2020 2:05:08 PM)


Thanks for the fast response, but that's definitely not the case in this instance. There are no foreign units of any kind in Sweden -- including foreign HQs. The HQ, the fighter, and a couple of Swedish ground units are all by themselves in and around Stockholm. I have set the HQ to Auto-Assist and it shows that is is connected to the fighter (as well as to the other nearby Swedish units).


Hubert Cater -> RE: Swedish Fighter and HQ Bug??? (10/15/2020 3:12:17 PM)

I just tried to replicate this but was unable to. Could you tell me to which hexes did the Swedish HQ and the fighter spawn?

MJY -> RE: Swedish Fighter and HQ Bug??? (10/15/2020 6:25:40 PM)


I tried to upload or embed a couple of small photos to this reply, but to no avail. I can send them as an e-mail attachment if you can provide an e-mail address.

In the meantime, the HQ is currently sitting on Stockholm with the fighter on the adjacent hex to the NE (i.e., the hex north of the port). There is also one Swedish corps in the woods hex immediately to the SW.

I can confirm the units are attached by Auto-Assist to the HQ (e.g., when I click the HQ and hover over the units I am asked if I want to "detach").

Both Stockholm and the adjacent port are at level 5 supply. Rather oddly, however, when I use the check supply function, the Stockholm hex with the the HQ is showing "9" while the hex with the fighter is only showing "7" and the other four adjacent hexes (including the one with the corps) are showing "8" supply.

If you want to check the actual game, it is the game MJY versus Hartmann301. It has been like this for several turns, so I assume you could check the file at any time.



MJY -> RE: Swedish Fighter and HQ Bug??? (10/15/2020 6:26:27 PM)

P.S. One photo did upload. I'll try the second!

MJY -> RE: Swedish Fighter and HQ Bug??? (10/15/2020 6:31:07 PM)

Hopefully the second photo uploaded


Hubert Cater -> RE: Swedish Fighter and HQ Bug??? (10/15/2020 7:14:02 PM)

Thanks MJY and this explains it.

I took a look at the turn and what the issue is here is that there is an error in the 'supply map' calculation and whenever there is a difference between the supply map and the unit supply it will either be determined to be a purple or red hex situation for the air units.

The good news is that the actual unit supply is correct for your units, and that this odd error in supply map calculations (doesn't happen often or everywhere) has already been fixed on my end for the next update, e.g. the reason why I was not initially able to repeat it. I had to load the turn with the current release build and then I could see the issue.

So to confirm, the 9 you are seeing from the supply map should be an 8 and so on, but your unit supply is fine and that purple hex should indeed not be showing. Apologies for the confusion.


MJY -> RE: Swedish Fighter and HQ Bug??? (10/15/2020 7:24:51 PM)


OK -- and thanks for the quick resolution!


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