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For someone who has either played historical games vs AI or modded for cheats :), how devestated will I be against a human? What tips can you experienced players give a newbie? Also, I see some mentions of "gamey exploits" like grabbing alternative capital of france in NA. What other exploits and other limitations do you recommend as "house rules" in a MP?

Marcinos1985 -> RE: MP houserules (10/13/2020 6:11:44 PM)

You could write a book about strategy in this game. I would start with reading official strategy guide and rules concerning supply in the manual.
WaW tournament uses these house rules:

1. No diplo on Majors.
2. No diplo on Bulgaria (haven't tested if Allies can keep Bulgaria out of war until Mid 1941).
3. No DOW USSR until 1941.

But honestly, if you are just starting, you can as well face them, because they teach you something about SC:WaW.

P.S. I believe this situation concerning taking Algiers you mentioned was fixed.

Error in 0 -> RE: MP houserules (10/13/2020 6:35:52 PM)

Yeah, I have played some hours against AI, but humans... I dont mind loosing if its fun. Majors are US, UK, RUS, GER, IT and JPN?

Marcinos1985 -> RE: MP houserules (10/13/2020 6:48:21 PM)

And India. Point 1 though concerns USA nad USSR, because they are not at war right form the get go. Using diplo, you may get to action earlier/later than standard dates.

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