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larryfulkerson -> B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/11/2020 3:28:02 PM)

I did a PBEM type game so that I could capture all my moves so you guys could see what I did during T1. I'm going to dig into what I did and explain it a little better.

I've posted the T1 PBEM file here below. I used the password "password" without the quotes to start it but you can use whatever password you'd like to get into the moves.

I started to run through the events to explain what I was doing and why but after a while it became self explanitory more or less.

T1 Moves
events 1 - 9: I'm setting up the surround on the Soviet unit on the road so I can destroy it leaving only one BTS timestamp on the road.
events 10 - 16: I'm attempting to repair the broken rail toward Riga.
events 16 - 49: clearing the road leading north of Soviet units to permit more rapid movement along the road.
events 50 - 106: capture the airfield SW of Riga and move some fighters there.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/12/2020 12:45:02 PM)

T1, Riga
This is what it looks like at the end of T1 in terms of front lines. I've cleaned out a lot of Soviet units so most of the follow on forces have nothing to do except move east following the Panzers. I've circled my goals in yellow circles so you can imagine where I'm going with my forces. I'd especially like to grab Minsk.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/14/2020 1:12:05 AM)

T4, Pskov
This is the beginning of T4 in the north. I've dropped a paratrooper unit on the bridge near Narva to stop the flow of Soviet units into the peninsula. Also to stop the flow of supply to the Soviet units that are already there. I haven't moved anybody yet so the front lines are going to change remarkably this turn. I expect to own Pskov soon and then the battle of Leningrad will begin. Losses are light so far. Almost all my units are in the green and things are going well except for the low supply levels at the tip of the spear. I'm thinking of moving some more RR engineers into this AO to help out depending on how bad it is in areas further south.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/14/2020 1:19:28 AM)

T4, Minsk
This is how it looks near Minsk. I captured Minsk in T2 and have been driving on Smolensk ever since. There's some Soviet holdouts still in the Prypett Marshes that I need to deal with and the railhead isn't advancing fast enough to suit me but progress is being made. I haven't moved anybody in this area yet and I'm optimistic that I'll creep closer to Smolensk this turn.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/14/2020 1:26:12 AM)

T4, Kiev
This is how it looks in the south right now. I've cleared out the mountains in eastern Hungary and am pushing toward Kiev as fast as my units can go. I'm trying to stick to the roads and rails because that's where most of the supply will flow. The Romanians are activated this turn so I can use them to clear out the Bessarabia. Also I'm going to drive some of the newly activated units toward Odessa and the Crimea.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/17/2020 3:43:39 AM)

T5, Leningrad
This is how far I've gotten so far. I'm not sure but I think I may be ahead of schedule with what happened IRL. The railheads aren't quite keeping up with the advance and that may turn into a problem in later turns. The supply situation at the tip of the spear is very low to nill so I need to watch that to prevent my units from moving into bad terrain, terrain without any supply at all. That will drive them into being overextended and the pestilence effects will begin for those units. I'd rather not deal with that. The Soviets are starting to counterattack and I think that may be because they are in a Strategic Bias called "Berserk" right now. All my aircraft are in the green except for a few bombers who are resting. Almost all of the Land Combat Units are in the green also. Progress has been spotty lately and I think that's because the Soviets are sometimes successful in gathering enough units to create a crude MLR that I have to deal with. The further east I go the lower the supply levels go for the most part.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/17/2020 3:51:34 AM)

T5, Kiev
This is what it looks like in the south right now. I'm sneaking up on Kiev and this time I'm going to try to block off the escape route through Kiev so I can trap all the Soviet units on the west side of the river before they can all get away scott free.

Zovs -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/17/2020 11:27:32 PM)


larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/18/2020 3:11:33 AM)

Thank you Zovs. Every little bit helps.


larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/19/2020 9:21:51 PM)

T8, Moscow
It's only July and I'm getting closer to Moscow too soon again. I'm guessing that the scenario is STILL unbalanced in the Axis favor. It's not possible that it's only because of my excellent, unparalleled, game skill that's making the difference. I'd like to see how someone else does playing this scenario. Any volunteers?

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/19/2020 11:04:05 PM)

T8, Front Lines
I thought you guys might like to see what's going on overall. Me too. I'm using the broad front approach to the advance and so far so good. Although, I've been wondering what might happen if I start a probe somewhere to say, Kharkov, or Stalingrad. I have to go there eventually anyway, maybe Elmer won't know how to respond. The trouble is that I don't have enough troops to do anything approaching that and the situation will only get worse as time passes. Unless I get lucky and kill a bunch of Soviet units every turn from now until the end of the game and I don't see that happening.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/20/2020 6:11:30 PM)

T10, Moscow
It's T10 and this is what it looks like around Moscow right now. As you can see supply is a major problem because there is none where my units are. I'm having to rotate the tired one's back to some supply and let them rest and gain back their supply and then put them back into the front lines. All the aircraft are green and all have been given missions. I sank the BB that was at Leningrad so I flew the Ju-87's down to the Sevastopol area just in case there's one down there that I don't know about yet. As you can see the RR engineers aren't keeping up with the advance very well in the middle. I'm going to run all the RR engineers into this AO to do some emergency repairs real quick. They are running ahead of their supply lines in the south as well. So I'll have to give that area some attention after this AO is in a better shape. The front lines in this area aren't moving very fast whereas they are in the south. If I were tempted to use Elmer to move my units I would first have to adjust their objectives because I haven't been moving them along their scheduled path all that much. So turning Elmer on now without adjusting their objectives would see a lot of formations leaving their current positions and moving to their assigned objectives. Which would be chaos for about 10 turns or so, probably.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/21/2020 2:38:16 PM)

T11, Odessa
It's T11 and this is what it looks like around Odessa right now. I'm going to send the Romanians south into the Crimea and let the German 11th Army units to help the Romanians take down Sevastopol. The rails have been repaired almost all the way to Odessa so next turn the supply levels in this area may be a little bit higher. Right now the supply levels are nil to none and I need it to have at least a little bit to continue the advance. I discovered by looking around that the overextended threshold is 0 for my units. Which is a good thing because it means that I can fill a unit up with lots of supply and then send it into terrain that has no supply at all and it will be just fine for about two turns and then it'll need to retreat back to a higher supply location. That has been my experience so far. I have about a dozen bombers resting even though they are green because they are less than 50% in supply and I'd like to have them have more than that to be truely combat ready. This is an image taken in round 3 of T11 and 80% of the turn remains. I have several recon units that were ambushed because they were too far out ahead of the follow on forces and these recon units have lost a substantial portion of their equipment and will need an extended rest to regain their strength so I'm thinking of sending them to Berlin to give them an extended rest.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/22/2020 3:06:06 AM)

T12, Leningrad
It's T12 and I've captured Leningrad, finally. I'm going to use the Finns to push east and the Germans are going to drive on Moscow. Most of my LCU's are in the green and all the aircraft are green and losses are low and it's only 30Jul41 so this game is going great for me. I don't remember ever doing this well before. I must have learned a thing or two going through these steps about 20 times now. My biggest problem is keeping my units supplied. If the front lines would stabilize I could eventually finally repair the rails all the way to the front lines everywhere. I no longer have any air cap. so my paratroopers are on foot the rest of the game. I'm on the verge of breaking into the Crimea and down south near Kiev I'm on the east side of the Dneper river and pushing east running into small groups of Soviet units but the terrain is largely clear and empty down there.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/22/2020 11:37:39 PM)

T12, Losses so far
It's T12 and here's the losses so far. I have stripped out all those equipment types that had no losses at all so they aren't in the list. It makes for a shorter list.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/24/2020 2:34:24 AM)

T13, Leningrad
It's T13 and here's what it looks like in Leningrad right now. The supply level is slightly better but still not good in spots. I'm pressing to the east while trying to capture the roads leading SE from Leningrad. I have no burning desire to head NE into the forested terrain with the entire force. I'm thinking of sending a small BattleGroup of Finn units to see what's up there and maybe trace a path to the edge(s) of the map if possible.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/24/2020 2:57:21 AM)

T13, Odessa
Here's what it looks like near Odessa right now. I'm still on the verge of getting into the Crimea with the Romanians. The Germans will press to the east. I'm thinking of sending the Italians south from Rostov to see how far they can get on their own. Probably not very far. The rails are almost keeping up with the advance properly. But at the tip of the spear pressing to the east the supply level is still under that which is needed. It still appears doable to reach Stalingrad before winter.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/24/2020 7:33:50 AM)

T14, Leningrad
I've finally established a non-stop one-day rail service from Berlin to Leningrad, or Pskov, or Riga, or Daugavpils, or Minsk, or Smolensk, or Gomel, or Orsha, or Kiev, or Odessa. I've got to make sure that there's a trunk line from north to south so I can rail divisions around as needed. I don't believe I have that yet. All the aircraft are green and four bombers are resting. Most of my LCU's are green and this is the beginning of round 2 of T14 so I've moved most of the units in this image. So far so good.

StuccoFresco -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/24/2020 7:46:42 AM)

Impressive job keeping railroads efficient like that.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/24/2020 9:14:10 AM)


ORIGINAL: StuccoFresco
Impressive job keeping railroads efficient like that.

T14, Repaired Rail Lines
Thank you for your kind words.
Here's my best estimate of what's happening with the rails right now. Lots of rail to repair yet to make things better though. The line from Kiev to Kharkov hasn't even been started yet for instance. There are areas in the south where the supply levels are too low for operations. I'm having to rotate units in and out of the AO to make any progress at all. The stage is set for invading the Crimea however, so at least that area is looking up. I did a lot of overkill in the mountains west of the Bessarabia. Lots of redundant rails there. I should have planned better there. I really need a rail from Kiev going SE to feed those folks near Z-town. At least I can move from Odessa to Leningrad if need be.


larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/26/2020 12:37:57 AM)

T15, Front Lines
I'm trying to find the optimum place to park my bomber units so that I get the optimum coverage out of my bombers. I'm keeping this particular bomber unit ( KG-1 ) at it's maximum range because that's what the situation calls for. Other bomber units may be assigned to a particular ongoing battle and then the situation would call for the bomber to have a range that just includes the hexes contested only. And perhaps set to three-dots for more of an impact on the few targets available to that bomber. I'm in the habit of moving tired bombers to a far away coastline hex where the supply level is outstanding. But now I'm changing my policy to get each aircraft fine-tuned to the spot where it's parked. That requires me to park them where there is enough supply to fuel and arm the aircraft adequately enough to permit at least three strikes per turn, say. Two strikes per turn may be all that's needed from each aircraft unit depending on the operational tempo.

Air War Status
A glance at the air losses meter reflects the hotness of the air war just now. I'm having good luck parking a lot of fighters around a designated target so that by having a bomber strike that designated target will elicit some enemy fighters to attempt to intercept which will elicit friendly fighters to react to intercept the enemy fighters and most of them ( the enemy fighters ) get shot down a dozen at a time. Serial usage of such strkes will, by the end of the turn, result in quite a few enemy fighters buying the farm, kicking the bucket, disappearing over the western horizon for the last time. The air losses meter says that the Soviets have lost 340 aircraft so far and I haven't executed the round 1 combat phase yet so I'm pretty sure that number has been extensively inflated. I've lost only two dozen Me-109's and 1 FW-190 so far which is something I find miraculous. I would have expected the numbers to be closer to the early hundreds. Maybe I'm expecting D21 results from this scenario instead of the smaller numbers that would be expected.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf.10.10.2020 playtest (10/27/2020 4:32:43 AM)

T16, Kherson
I've broken through the Soviet defenses in at least two places and I'm driving on Stalino and the Crimea. It's 13Aug41 which is Fall and Winter will be here soon but I think there's still time to capture Stalingrad this year.

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