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Deathbunny -> [FIXED v1.04] CMO Crashes After Locking PC (10/4/2020 10:53:46 PM)

I've run a search and can't find anyone else reporting this, so here goes...

Recently moved from CMANO to CMO and while the change has, overall, been positive there is one thing that is annoying me. If I have CMO running and lock my PC (usually with Win+L), when I unlock it again the game is unplayable. I've encountered two different versions of this issue:

1. Whilst playing Uncle Mark's Tutorial NATO Surface Group vs. Soviet Forces 1985 when I unlocked the computer the game was running but the background map and all the unit icons had disappeared.

2. Whilst running both Blue Dawn and God of War from the Chains of War campaign, when I unlock the PC the game map has disappeared and been replaced by a large, red cross on a white background.

I am currently running Windows 10 Build 18362_1082 and a GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphics card with GeForce v456_55 drivers installed. Hopefully someone will be able to offer some advice and/or a solution!

ronmexico111 -> RE: CMO Crashes After Locking PC (10/5/2020 1:45:36 AM)

Just curious, but why lock the PC while the game is running?

Rory Noonan -> RE: CMO Crashes After Locking PC (10/5/2020 2:14:24 AM)

Logged for investigation.


Dimitris -> RE: CMO Crashes After Locking PC (10/23/2021 10:30:06 AM)

The "red-X when resuming from sleep/hibernate/lock" issue has been fixed in v1.04.

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