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mroyer -> SHQ Infantry Bar - Popup info => include requested (10/3/2020 2:00:49 AM)

For the left-hand SHQ inventory bar, I would find it very useful if the popup info listed, in addition to amount sent, the amount requested.

See the figure below for example; left image is how it appears now, right is how I'm recommending.

(Unless, of course, this info is available elsewhere that I haven't discovered yet.)

Thanks for a great game,
-Mark R.


mroyer -> RE: SHQ Infantry Bar - Popup info => include requested (10/3/2020 10:52:57 AM)

Well, life teaches the quickest way to find something is to ask for help.
I've been searching for this info for months. I finally decided it didn't exist and posted above about it. And, voila, within hours I find it...[&:]

Anyhow, cumulative requests per SHQ by resource type is available under Stats -> Logistics; exactly what I'd been looking for to aid in resource planning and management, something I've been woefully poor at so far.

Nevertheless, I still recommend adding the info per the opening post as it is a sensible spot for it and provides easier access for players.

-Mark R.


mroyer -> RE: SHQ Infantry Bar - Popup info => include requested (10/3/2020 9:10:46 PM)

Every time I think I've got something figured out, the game proves me wrong - I haven't figured out anything. Not sometimes, not most time, EVERY TIME. Getting very frustrating!

I can't figure out how to figure any part of this game out.

As always, nothing adds up the way I expected it would or should.

For example...
Here's my current turn - I'm in the middle of a food crisis and I can't figure out how to get the information I need to fix it. I have plenty of logistics and agricultural production capacity, so I'm pretty sure it's mainly due to worker shortages. While I attempt to bolster the work-force, I want to buy food on the open market. But, for the life of me, I can't figure out how much I need to buy.

In the following figure...

I expected the logistical stats cumulative totals for 1st SHQ to equal the sum of the subordinate HQ totals. They're not even close. The SHQ shows 1569/1904. But if I add the sub HQ values up I get 459/1388!!??!! How should I interpret that?

Moreover, I expected the "Sent to units: 642" on the left resource bar for 1st SHQ to match the totals received by its units. Again, no matter how I add up the numbers I can't get a match. I'm totally flummoxed.

As awesome and fun as this game is, it's accountants would fail a CPA exam miserably.

Anyhow - enough ranting.... [:(] anyone have any idea what's going on and how to interpret the numbers?

Thanks for any thoughts,
-Mark R.

<edit: using 1.05b5>


mbaratta83 -> RE: SHQ Infantry Bar - Popup info => include requested (10/4/2020 1:48:30 AM)

If you're playing beta 6, maybe your difficulty is due to the problem reported in the thread titled "[1.05b6]SHQ totals in stats->unit supply wrong" in the Tech Support section of the forum? (I'd give you the direct link, but I'm not allowed to embed links in my posts yet.)

mroyer -> RE: SHQ Infantry Bar - Popup info => include requested (10/4/2020 2:14:44 AM)

I'm using 1.05b5, but.... I'll bet you're spot on. It may have been an issue in earlier betas too - seems like a very similar case.

Thanks for pointing that out!
-Mark R.

DTurtle -> RE: SHQ Infantry Bar - Popup info => include requested (10/5/2020 3:36:47 PM)

I noticed that bug a long, long time ago, but didn't get around to reporting it until then. Sorry ;)

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