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MJY -> Master Change Log? (9/30/2020 1:18:35 AM)

Hey all,

Is there a list anywhere in the Forum of ALL the game and scenario changes that have been made in the various versions of the game (e.g., version 1.16.00, version 1.17.02, and so on and so on)? I tried searching, but nothing came up.

Even a list of all the update numbers would help (e.g., a list of all the different versions). I have several change logs, but I still find I am missing important changes until sprung on me by my opponents. That's not the best way to discover them!


El_Condoro -> RE: Master Change Log? (9/30/2020 7:58:49 AM)

When you open the game with all the buttons, there is a 'Patch Notes' button - I think that's what you're after.

MJY -> RE: Master Change Log? (9/30/2020 7:47:47 PM)


Perfect. That is exactly what I was looking for.


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