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Hellen_slith -> Replacing Sound Files (9/24/2020 10:10:20 PM)

Good sites for background sound + war noise that we know are "problematic" for TOAW.

Here is how to recapture that lost "feel" after you've stopped TOAW music and battle sounds b/c the program can't handle those files very well and slow the game. So, easy to get that feel back if you have internet handy. You

Do this: open two separate youtube windows.
in one window, start playing WWI war noises
in other window, start playing WWI music
You can play those at same time (is better) or you can just play the battle noises when you do your battle if you want. I like keeping both windows playing at same time.

start TOAW: Play a WWI scene (I suggest Home Before the Leaves Fall)
Get goosebumps

WWI battle noise (is only 3 minutes, so will have to restart at times, very harrowing)

WWI battle sounds 30 minutes long is

WWI German marching songs

WWI various songs / various countries

This works wonders for any scene / any era.I will post my WWII and modern era sounds links,
do same thing with those; it really really make it real! Atmospheric!
Of course, if you play on computer w/ no internet,
I suggest creating a file that you can play without the internet.
I think I will do that, for times when I like to disconnect from internet

You might like to use different files / links that I have, just search them out and enjoy!

Hellen_slith -> RE: Replacing Sound Files (9/24/2020 11:20:00 PM)

WWII battles sounds

Soothing and relaxing battles (WARNING LOUD) I like this one especially

Distant battle Ambiance (a bit less intense)

Distant Ambiance with rain

lots of WWII music you can find,
also lots of old time radio news / sounds can be found at for example:

can then pretend you are huddled in radio shack picking up short wave on the radio

Virtual Time Machine!

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