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canuckgamer -> Unusual Chain of Events in Iraq (9/20/2020 10:14:42 PM)

In my current PBEM game as the Axis I have taken Cairo and and Jerusalem and am advancing north up the coast and toward Aqaba. The Allied player being concerned with the Axis capturing the oil fields declared war on Iraq with Russia and advanced on Baghdad which he took this past turn.

At the time he DOW'd Iraq it was aligned with the Allies and shipping production points through the convoy route to the UK. After the DOW'd the convoy route disappeared. Now that he has taken Baghdad the convoy route is operational again.

I find it odd that the Russians could declare war on a country that was already aligned with the Allies. That must have been the only way that Russian units could enter Iraq. Equally strange that after they conquered Iraq the convoy route started again since it now belongs to the Russia?

BillRunacre -> RE: Unusual Chain of Events in Iraq (9/21/2020 8:47:56 AM)


Anyone can declare war on a neutral minor. It might not be wise to do so, but there is nothing stopping them from doing so, and effectively in game terms that is what Germany did when it attacked Norway, a country that it was receiving vital imports from, but it attacked it all the same.

Friendly Majors however cannot be declared war upon.

As to the convoy, unfortunately we have no way of telling the convoy script that Iraq has been conquered by the Soviet Union, hence it will still provide MPPs to the UK.

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