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TheOriginalOverlord -> [Logged] Out of Comms A/C continual "bogey" (9/19/2020 1:14:05 AM)

Damaged S-2 Tracker (no comms) is RTB and is called out as "bogey" every few seconds and then dropped then spotted /dropped continuously for the 30+min it takes to RTB.

Can't designate it "friendly" nor can you ID it by friendly A/C.

Build 1147.9

FMBluecher -> RE: Out of Comms A/C continual "bogey" (9/19/2020 1:06:43 PM)

I've had this issue too. The problem seems to be that the game by default drops the contact once it's identified as Friendly. Which then, of course, immediately causes it to be reacquired and re-identified. It should either not drop the contact when identified as friendly (which I would prefer by a large margin) or drop the contact permanently (not as good, but at least would be less annoying than constantly having the "Contact Change" messages popping up).

Rory Noonan -> RE: Out of Comms A/C continual "bogey" (9/20/2020 11:12:27 PM)

Logged for investigation.


Battelman2 -> RE: Out of Comms A/C continual "bogey" (9/22/2020 3:29:12 AM)

This sounds like my issue https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=4848798

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