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canuckgamer -> Some More Questions (9/17/2020 3:33:45 AM)

Playing two solo games, one as the Axis and one as the Allies before getting in to a PBEM game. A friend of mine bought War Plan last week when it was on sale so once we finish our PBEM game of SC WIE we will start one. The difference in the games is night and day.

As the Allies, how do you escort convoys?

As the Axis I was getting reports and locations of partisans. What can you do about partisans?

As the Axis I spent 200 specialty points (had 238) on a couple of units and now the number of specialty points I have is no longer visible. I assume it doesn't show until it reaches 100 or more?

Thanks in advance for any comments or replies.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Some More Questions (9/17/2020 4:17:35 AM)

#1 Convoys -> right side of the screen move escorts into the lanes you want to cover. They will have a double transport symbol on the far right

#2 They damage rail if they are not within 2 hexes of an enemy unit. Physical partisans appear in some countries like Russia. The physical partisan cant popup within 5 hexes of a unit.

#3 Correct

Nirosi -> RE: Some More Questions (9/17/2020 3:12:29 PM)


I think that the number of specialty points will also be shown even under 100, but only in the production screen, not on units. It can sometimes help to plan little ahead.

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