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Nomada_Firefox -> Weapon sounds? (9/10/2020 9:52:12 AM)

I was wrong about one thing. The game was loading the voices but it does not load the new weapon sounds.

I added a sfx0.txt with all the original sounds inside the file + these other few.
// Veteran Weapon sounds
Piat 220
EnfieldNo2MkI 221
stengun 222
brenmg 223
vickers 224
17_pounder 225

If I add only the new sounds, the game does not load any of the originals.

Any idea?

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Weapon sounds? (9/10/2020 3:16:42 PM)

If you want to add new sounds you will indeed need to duplicate the original file contents, yes. It does not append the new file.



Nomada_Firefox -> RE: Weapon sounds? (9/10/2020 8:20:09 PM)

I have tried it but it does not works.

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