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Nomada_Firefox -> Game does not read the IDS_SOLDIERNAME (9/9/2020 8:42:47 AM)

I have many problems adding a new nation. I have tried adding the UK. But.........can the game read the new IDS_SOLDIERNAME<nation><index> if they are added in the Text1.txt from the mod? if not where? a new Text32 inside the mod\Campaigns\Main folder does not work.

Other thing from it, very strange, it is how some soldiers from a team use the names from other nations but they are not set wrong in the base files.

At the same time, I have some missing ranks.....just one. I will check and recheck everything.

Other big problem are the rank images, game does not use them.

Nomada_Firefox -> RE: Game does not read the IDS_SOLDIERNAME (9/9/2020 10:08:27 AM)

Finally I found the problems. Everything running with exception from a rank.....but I will find the problem with bit of lucky.

The biggest problem was this texture IG_Soldierdisplay_rankbase_ , I did not know about it.......[:)]

The soldier names run all them put in the text1.txt

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Game does not read the IDS_SOLDIERNAME (9/9/2020 3:19:49 PM)

Without seeing your data setup it's difficult to tell what is wrong. How is the UK nation defined? Can you post the nations.txt file?

The string Text files are loaded in numerical order and the contents of the higher numbered files will replace the contents of lower numbered files IF there are identical string IDs. So if you put your soldier names in Text1.txt they will override Text32.txt if the string IDs are identical.

If there are more string IDs for a nation's soldier names in Text32.txt than in Text1.txt you'll get all of the names in Text1.txt PLUS all the names in Text32.txt that are not matched by an identical string ID in Text1.txt




If you have the setup defined above, you'll see the names "Name0", "Name1", "Name2", and "Name03" in game.

If you do not want to see "Name03" in game you either need to delete it from Name32.txt or add an overriding IDS_SOLDIERNAME03 in Text1.txt.

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