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Swant -> [WAD] Time doesn't resume after closing database (9/8/2020 10:44:05 AM)

One thing that I hope to be bug, is that the game doesn't unpause when exiting the database. That is if you enter the database from unit station bar in the top right corner.
It is very annoying and I find that I constantly forget to unpause. What makes this worse is that the spacebar doesn't work because you are "outside" the sim and have to left click somewere else first.
Is there any reason for this that I can't see [:)]

When opening for exaple air operation with F6 and accessing the database from there the sim unpauses automatically when the exiting. Much better in my opinion. Why not have the both ways work the same?

michaelm75au -> RE: Time doesn't resume after closing database (9/8/2020 12:01:17 PM)

This is as designed. As the database viewer covers up the map on a single monitor, players use to complain about things happening behind the viewer when it was originally not paused.
With multiple monitors, you can have the viewer on another screen and un-pause the game so it runs. As you can now open multiple viewers, resuming the game when 'a' viewer is closed might not be what is desired.

Swant -> RE: Time doesn't resume after closing database (9/8/2020 12:05:44 PM)

Ah, make sense

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