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z1812z -> My questions re buying the game. (9/8/2020 12:16:46 AM)

Hi all,

I have just received my anniversary coupon from Matrix/Slitherine.

This game interests me but I am unsure about buying it. If some players would be kind enough to answer my questions I would be appreciative.

1. How is the Infantry Combat and Movement.

2. How is the Armour Combat and Movement.

3. Is artillery modeled well?

4. How is the Vehicle Path Finding?

5. Is multiplayer dependable?

6. How does it compare to Cross of Iron in terms of combat resolution, pathfinding and A.I.

7. Does it support widescreen at 3440 x 1440?

I know opinions will differ. I am just trying to decide if TBF is a game I will enjoy.

CGGrognard -> RE: My questions re buying the game. (9/13/2020 1:58:55 AM)

This is just my take on the game and it's comparisons with previous games of this title.

1. Some players have questioned the accuracy of the infantry in close combat, however these comments may have come with an earlier version. The latest version seems to work well. Movement is more logical and refined now.

2. Armor combat is definitely better. Take note of the crew experience because you will experience green crews missing a majority of their shots. The damage modeling makes armor combat more realistic in that you will be hard pressed to knock out a tank with one shot.

3. The artillery, mortar and aircraft strikes are much better than previous versions except for Gateway to Caen. You will have to "time" your strikes for them to be effective, but that to me just adds more realism to the game.

4. Vehicle path finding is much better as noted in point 2. As always with pathing, keep them short because vehicles will respond when fired upon or coming up on a target.

5. I haven't had any multiplayer experiences but in these forums are a few who have. I suggest you seek them out and get their opinion.

6. It's head and shoulders over Cross of Iron. For the first time in the series, you have a 3D model where you can view the game top down or at an angle. You can zoom in to see the action as well. The resolution is much better than previous versions. The A.I. is more intuitive than earlier versions, though this is subjective for each player.

7. It's max screen is 3840x2160 so yes.

Some other notes about this game that you may appreciate.
1. It has a map editor so you can design your own battle fields. Also you can create mods for the game as well. Take a look at Nomada's efforts with his Vet Mod.
2. This game is set in North Africa and Sicily (Normandy as well), two theatres the game hasn't addressed previously.
3. It is 3D with elevation making combat more interesting, especially in the hills and valleys. There is no option for multi-story buildings.
4. Like the original, this game follows a specific unit, the 1st Infantry Division. This allows you to follow individual soldiers through out the Campaign. However, this is not true for the Axis forces.

I hope these notes help in your decision.

z1812z -> RE: My questions re buying the game. (9/13/2020 2:39:49 PM)

Hi CGGrognard,

Than you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. It is very much appreciated.

CGGrognard -> RE: My questions re buying the game. (9/14/2020 12:30:31 AM)

No problem z1812z.

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