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njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (9/4/2021 5:35:21 AM)

My failure to take Wake Island has also necessitated a fair bit effort having to go into the Marianas (not by choice)

Units rebuilding from heavy action either from China or Oz are slowly making their way here to rest up and absorb reinforcements. Also a nice half way point for air and naval units making their way to Truk.

Marcus will clearly provide early warning in case he gets too ambitious. Doubtful though- too soon and Lowpe would know KB is at its most formidable with the radar upgrades and A6M5s.


njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (9/4/2021 5:47:21 AM)

These positions are getting a little bit of attention as well.

Again only a matter of time before the inevitable end run happens on the Aleutians and eventually Hokkaido.

Being prepared doesn't mean I will be able to prevent it!


ny59giants -> RE: Early Blows (9/4/2021 1:27:36 PM)

Kurile Islands - You do know the trick to change a major base that you plan on developing to the restricted Home Island Command to allow you to move those restricted air groups here, right??

njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (9/4/2021 9:30:20 PM)


ORIGINAL: ny59giants

Kurile Islands - You do know the trick to change a major base that you plan on developing to the restricted Home Island Command to allow you to move those restricted air groups here, right??

Yep, got it Mike.

I generally don't do it though until 44 or 45 when bombs start to hit the motherland. [:)]

njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (9/17/2021 10:57:36 PM)


Game has been pretty slow of late as Lowpe unfortunately has to deal with a few real life issues.

Major action has been around China. Need to break into the open plains by late July.


njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (9/17/2021 11:00:00 PM)

Hardening up process continues on all of the key atolls.

It will take a bit of effort from the Allies to take them now


njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (9/17/2021 11:04:31 PM)

Just starting to build the next line of defences in the Marianas with damaged and destroyed units bought out cheap.

Nothing substantive yet but brigade and regt size units are slowly digging in. Inf divisions will arrive after Singapore is taken.

Its the logical place for the Allies to head with Wake in their possession- Lowpe could just bypass Canton, Baker and the entire Marshalls and come here but really that is a 43 play not mid 42. Too risky in my book with KB.


njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (9/17/2021 11:06:13 PM)

Grinding away at Bataan.

Another week or so?


njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (9/17/2021 11:10:20 PM)

Preparation is well under away for the Singapore assault.

The units there are completely out of supply which augers well for the assault.

Just waiting for the tank divisions out of China (x 2) to support the initial shock attack. Probably late July.

Plenty of naval and air units keeping a close on the approaches to ensure there is no suicidial Allied attempt to re-supply the garrison. My greatest fear at the moment.


njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (9/17/2021 11:17:48 PM)

And that's really it.

Nothing happening in Burma or India (which is good until I can free up some divisions).

Allied sig int indicates very heavy traffic around Pearl, West Coast of US and some Pacific islands. I suspect Lowpe's focus is the Pacific and not India based off previous comments on previous games regarding Japan's key weaknesses but time will tell.

Interestingly nothing happening around Oz which makes me more suspicious about the Pacific. I would have thought Perth was ripe for the taking but so far nothing.

KB continues to replenish and upgrade to A6M5s plus radar which makes it a very formidable weapon by 42 standards.

Another couple of quiet months would be a godsend for the Empire to really consolidate the finishing off Singapore, Bataan and smashing big holes into China plus the fortification of the critical islands and atolls. Also there is work to be done in Burma as well.

njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (10/7/2021 9:50:54 PM)

Lowpe is back and we are moving again [:D]

China not far away from cracking. Once I can get into the open plains it will be all over.

2 x Arm divs (from Manchuria) are forming up and getting ready for deployment. Probably Singapore to start off with.


njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (10/7/2021 9:53:55 PM)

The only other activity is around the Central Pacific.

The occasional shore bombardment and heavy shipping activity. Still can't figure out if it is a major deception plan or the real deal.

KB continues to refit with radar and A6M5s so still some time away before it can investigate. Happy to wait and see.


ny59giants -> RE: Early Blows (10/8/2021 12:43:46 AM)

Don't forget that Allied players wants a nice secure, and relatively short LOS between San Fran and Sydney. It takes those plentiful 12 knot xAKs two months for a round trip. It's a big deal to shorten it by a week. I like having a chain of PBYs from Pearl to at least lower Solomons to cover all possibilities of raiders sneaking by.

njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (10/16/2021 9:45:24 PM)

Time for an overdue weekly update.

First off, Bataan finally fell. The PIs are all now under the Rising Sun flag. A skillful defense by the Allies which was undone by a lack of supplies.

No more green icons!


njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (10/16/2021 9:46:05 PM)

And the final battle


njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (10/16/2021 9:51:59 PM)

The most active theatre at the moment as I try to break into the plains by July.

Again as expected, another skillful defence being conducted by Lowpe but he is up against it. Interestingly he has shortened his lines a couple of times and shifted units back towards the central plains which has actually benefitted me on the flanks.

Next month will be fascinating.


njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (10/16/2021 9:56:36 PM)

The USN continues to loiter around Christmas Island and lets itself get spotted every few turns.

I still think this is a decoy.

I have no intention of chasing him around the Pacific. The nightmare scenario for me is Singapore being reinforced and re-supplied.

KB continues to refit and upgrade to A6M5s.


njp72 -> RE: Early Blows (10/16/2021 9:58:49 PM)

Scoreboard- June was a very quiet month but July is starting to hot up.

August will be full on once the Armoured Divisions are redeployed out of Manchuria.


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