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Malevolence -> [1.05b1] Single energy point error (9/3/2020 8:06:21 PM)

Per the image, noted multiple occurrences where a single energy point would be missing from an asset. This would cause the expected loss of some production.

As an aside, it's natural for the player to assume all 0 weight resources are moved before any others. It would be unfortunate to learn that 0 weight resources could not move because initial logistic points were already consumed. This would be contrary to manual's description, as these resources are not moved by truck or rail.


Device is Windows 10 Pro 64bit, version 2004 (v19041.421), Intel i7-1065G7 1.30Ghz, 16GB RAM. It is a Surface Pro 7, connected to 2560x1600 display monitor via USB-C. Intel Iris Plus integrated graphics.

For reference, Game Build v 1.05-beta1; Scenario Build 1.05-beta1; Last Game Build used 1.05-beta1; Scenario Version Number #53.

Malevolence -> RE: [1.05b1] Single energy point error (9/13/2020 11:06:49 PM)

Issue remains.

Kalkkis -> RE: [1.05b1] Single energy point error (9/14/2020 4:57:50 AM)

This is actually because of missing workers. The game seems to calculate the needed workforce between all public assets and then apply the same penalty to all of them if you come short. Even if you nominally have the needed workforce for some of the assets because the missing fraction is so small and the game doesn't do fractions of 100 workers. Like here:


The game should probably color the worker number of the asset yellow if you get production penalty due to missing workers, even if it is displaying the full number like here.

Malevolence -> RE: [1.05b1] Single energy point error (9/21/2020 2:50:18 AM)

Is this issue closed? It still looks like it would cause player confusion as presented in game.

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