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The Land -> Coup de Main attacks... (9/1/2020 10:04:20 PM)

So I am aware of two non-obvious countries - Greece and Norway - where one side or the other has a pretty much failsafe method to capture the capital (Greece will fall to the Axis in one turn, Norway to the Allies in 2 which raises at least a hypothetical chance of German interference...)

Is this kind of 'coup de main' attack a feature or a bug? I think we can all expect it for the Netherlands, but what about these less obvious nations?

mdsmall -> RE: Coup de Main attacks... (9/2/2020 12:17:19 AM)

For the benefit of new players, how do each of these "coup de main" attacks work against Athens and Oslo, respectively?

Captjohn757 -> RE: Coup de Main attacks... (9/5/2020 12:53:43 AM)

It may be possible with multiple air strikes and multiple upgraded tanks / mech units, but I've yet to see Athens fall to the Axis in one turn either in my playthroughs or in any of the youtube videos.

El_Condoro -> RE: Coup de Main attacks... (9/6/2020 9:00:51 AM)

I've seen Rome taken in one turn by level 5 LR Transport attacks, so Athens can probably go the same way.

Captjohn757 -> RE: Coup de Main attacks... (9/10/2020 1:21:31 AM)

I believe "The Land" is referring to Athens/Oslo when their respective countries have yet to surrender; attacking those cities or Rome, for that matter, with level 5 amphibious transports would infer a later game tactic likely by the U.S. --- one typically does not see the UK (AI or human) committing the MPPs to amphibious research to attain level 5 units. It wouldn't make any sense, obviously, for Germany to enter Greece, Norway and Italy with amphib. assaults.

The Land -> RE: Coup de Main attacks... (9/10/2020 9:43:02 AM)

Oslo contains a strength 1 Garrison. Athens contains a strength 5 Corps. Neither have any upgrades or entrenchment. You do not need any Amphibious tech at all to be able to destroy those units in one turn, nor to prevent your opponent moving in another unit before you can take the capital.

mdsmall -> RE: Coup de Main attacks... (9/10/2020 4:23:30 PM)

What side are you referring to? The only way I can see it would be possible for the Axis to capture either Oslo or Athens in one turn without an amphibious invasion would be using paratroops with at least level 1 tech in long range aircraft, taking off from the tip of Jutland (for Oslo) or the southern border of Yugoslavia (for Athens). And even Athens could be tricky given that the two hexes north of it are mountainous terrain, so the paratroops would take casualties when landing. (I suppose they could go really out on limb and transport a paratroop unit with level 2 tech to Rhodes and then drop on the one clear terrain hex south of Athens). For the Allies, it seems even harder to see how they could capture either without a prior amphibious invasion to give them a beach head.

Captjohn757 -> RE: Coup de Main attacks... (9/10/2020 6:29:54 PM)

mdsmall has a point, although I fail to understand the logic behind the Axis even contemplating capturing Oslo when the game gives Norway to Germany in early 1940 (which makes a paradrop from Jutland a moot point since Germany would likely occupy both Denmark and Norway through decision events). The UK could mount an amphibious landing prior to the German occupation, though whatever unit goes ashore would risk losing both strength and supply, relying on air support and/or favorable combat results to effect a quick occupation of Oslo. Possible, though somewhat risky.

The Land -> RE: Coup de Main attacks... (9/11/2020 8:27:57 AM)



Greece will fall to the Axis in one turn, Norway to the Allies in 2

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