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andyinkuwait -> Income Tax (9/1/2020 7:50:25 PM)

My tax rate is 20%.

I have the tooltip showing me 165C of income (agreed) and income tax 38C.

This isn't 20%. Is there another mysterious 25C of income that I am not taking into account (then 38C would be correct)?

Perhaps salaries, there are 13C for leaders, 8C for workers if I add that in we are nearly there (37C). Am I missing something?

andyinkuwait -> RE: Income Tax (9/1/2020 8:15:14 PM)

Could this be Private Salaries? Is there a way to find out what that is.

My tool tip on the population tab says 0Cr but that could be because the total private salary is less than 1Cr.

Seem likely ?

Do bonuses for recruits count as that is another 8Cr. That would push total income to 194 Cr. 20% of that is 38.8Cr. Rounded to 38 I guess....

Philo32b -> RE: Income Tax (9/2/2020 4:37:03 PM)

Have you gone through the financial report? It is pretty comprehensive.

andyinkuwait -> RE: Income Tax (9/2/2020 7:31:16 PM)

Yes I have gone through all the finances and my total income is 165Cr with 38Cr income tax.

I've calculated everything and 165Cr is correct but 20% of it is not 38Cr.

Anyone know why?

HansLemurson -> RE: Income Tax (9/2/2020 10:56:08 PM)

How did you calculate your total income?

andyinkuwait -> RE: Income Tax (9/3/2020 3:50:10 AM)

I went through each section confirming the total income.

That would be salaries of 29Cr
Income from selling items 69Cr
Hidden Economy 25Cr
Private Asset income 42Cr.

All that totals to 165Cr which is confirmed by a tooltip.

andyinkuwait -> RE: Income Tax (9/4/2020 6:23:53 AM)

OK it's taken a long time but I've finally figured out, sort of, what is going on.

The rate is 20% but it only includes salaries, private income and hidden income. Tax on sales made by citizens is at a different, more complex, rate which is hidden. You can see the tax charged in the zone report for the city which details the amount of tax for each sale. Sometimes it is 20% but on lower sale amounts it is much more. So, 20% of the three items detailed + sales tax detailed in zone report. This brings it to the reported amount.

In my case (29+25+42)x 0.2 = 19.2 Cr

Detailed sales tax is 18 Cr

Total is 37.2 Cr and 38Cr is reported (I'm allowing rounding errors to account for the difference)

I confirmed this on a second game started as well, in case I was seeing a fluke of numbers. I don't think I am.

I did report this in the Tech Help section so if Vic comments on this, I'll report back here.

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