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Jeffery Nevins -> CC TLD/classic ccV (8/29/2020 3:32:02 PM)

got bored with other games and started playing classic CCV from the TLD disc, but overwriting files seems to be problematic.

so far music and sounds are no problem, wondering if anybody has done anything, for instance uniforms/graphics/sub mods?

SteveMcClaire -> RE: CC TLD/classic ccV (9/1/2020 3:16:28 PM)

Classic CC5 is implemented as a mod to The Longest Day. If you want to modify Classic CC5 I would make a copy of the whole folder structure and all the files under 'classicCC5' and name the new top level folder 'myCC5' or something like that. Then you can modify the files under 'myCC5' as you wish.

To run your version you can create a shortcut to run CCE.EXE with the command line option "/D myCC5"

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