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Philo32b -> High-speed train and refocusing cost (8/28/2020 8:47:58 PM)

Please consider allowing players to either build a high-speed train station in a tile that already has a railroad station or to allow them to upgrade a rail station to a high-speed train station.

It is a problem to tear down a rail station to then build a high-speed station. This will take many turns to get back to the kind of logistic capacity the player will be at by the time they reach high-speed trains. Many problems with supply and resource collection for 6+ turns will result.

Building a high-speed train station one tile away from the SHQ is also not ideal. The new refocusing rule means that high-speed trains would have an automatic 25% logistics penalty and also not go through as many branches. Also, I am seeing many bottleneck problems between the SHQ and the high-speed station one tile away.

ggm -> RE: High-speed train and refocusing cost (9/26/2020 4:17:48 AM)

I concur having to tear down and rebuild trains is a pain.

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