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boudi -> Strategy against japanese naval bombers (8/25/2020 11:23:18 AM)


I need an advice for playing against a japanese who put several naval bombers on Pacific Islands, like Mariana Islands, Wake, Tarawa etc...

the japanese fleet, with its carriers, battleships etc... under the cover of these naval bombers seems indestructible. US Fighters or bombers based at Hawai have a too short range to do anything.

What are your US strategies in this case ?

Thanks ! [:)]

Platoonist -> RE: Strategy against japanese naval bombers (8/25/2020 10:05:52 PM)

I'm probably a poor choice to answer this question since I haven't tried my hand at playing Japan yet.

However, I would suggest since Hawaii is too far way, to try and find another large landmass you can put fighter units on to fly cover for your fleet and scare off the bombers. I don't think Japan can garrison everything effectively since they have so many troops mired down in China. So maybe you could find a weak point on big islands like New Guinea, or Timor to land troops and then operate in aircraft. You should be able to cover such an operation with fighter planes based in Australia. Western New Guinea seems like it would be a particularly good place with a lot of hexes. Or, if you could invade Sumatra or Malaya, you might be able to cover such an invasion with planes from Burma or Port Blair. The idea would be to try to keep your fleet under as much land based air as possible.

Of course, he'll move his planes over to where the new threat is, but that would mean he's now weak on another front. Try to divide his forces and hit him where he isn't.

amandkm -> RE: Strategy against japanese naval bombers (8/25/2020 11:10:12 PM)

Invest in CVLs and use them to screen probing forces. As Platoonist says, they can't be everywhere, so you should be able to find a hole. With the CVLs on CAP, you can minimize losses until you get out of range of any strongpoints you stumble across.

boudi -> RE: Strategy against japanese naval bombers (8/26/2020 5:12:42 PM)

OK. Thank you very much guys. [:)]

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