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CapAndGown -> Q on rail capacity (8/25/2020 7:03:27 AM)

Moving factories now eats into the rail capacity devoted to moving "supplies and resources." Does that mean that less supplies will be delivered to the troops the more factories you move in any given turn? If so, how can I calculate how much rail capacity I need to keep the troops supplied?

eskuche -> RE: Q on rail capacity (8/25/2020 1:47:01 PM)

It doesn't quite work that way. Non-reserved rail is dedicated all to supply. Of this amount, 75% (or 80% I forget, refer to 12.xx changelog for exact numbers) is also freely given for industry movement, so you double dip. Note that unused non-reserved rail (independent of industry usage) is added to reserved rail for unit movement.

CapAndGown -> RE: Q on rail capacity (8/25/2020 1:51:51 PM)

When you say that "unused non-reserved rail . . . is added to reserved rail for unit movement" does that mean the 75k in non-reserved rail I had left over will be added to the unit movement capacity next turn?

Telemecus -> RE: Q on rail capacity (8/25/2020 5:16:57 PM)

no all rail capacity is used in turn, nothing is carried over.

It is use it or lose it.

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