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countrboy -> Mod to show unit names? (8/24/2020 10:30:31 PM)

I don't suppose there is a mod to show the unit names (or something representing their names) on the units themselves?

Platoonist -> RE: Mod to show unit names? (8/25/2020 1:05:10 AM)

I don't think it can be done from a graphic standpoint.

The game uses separate copies of the counter art for different locations in the game's architecture. Properties boxes, national production boxes, on map, etc. But it's always the same art in the instance in which it is used. If you were to place a unit name on the tank on-map counter art, they'll all have the same name. Like the 2nd SS Panzer Clones here covering the whole Kursk battlefield.


countrboy -> RE: Mod to show unit names? (8/25/2020 9:07:23 AM)

Thanks for the reply, that makes sense. A shame though, I kinda like what it looks like in your example.

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