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Callistrid -> Ideal multiplayer options? (8/23/2020 10:02:54 PM)

I have a question!

Nowadays what is the ideal/balanced game options? Starting a new game under the newest(12.xx) patch? And considering the german side will open with extended Lvov pocet, and ultra optimized T01 start.

eskuche -> RE: Ideal multiplayer options? (8/23/2020 10:41:23 PM)

I'd say it's 70/30 for beta vs. stable, usually either +1 Soviet attack or harsh blizzard.
The best german players will probably go for a super lvov pocket including Rokossovsky's corps and cross the Velikaya to pocket Pskov on turn 2. Pskov is indefensible against good play due to lower Soviet railcap in early turns.
As for the air war, the general trend of eventual Soviet dominance is of course expected. Turn one airframe kills hover 6200-6700 but IMHO are inconsequential. The biggest change is that there is some interception deficiency bug which gives a slight edge to Soviets bombing German airbases so some matches are being played with no airbase bombing. I personally don't think the interceptor bug is quite as big as some make it (edit: as the person who discovered it [;)] ), but taking the air game out of the match does make for a reasonably accelerated playstyle which some people enjoy.

Callistrid -> RE: Ideal multiplayer options? (8/23/2020 10:50:06 PM)

Thanks for your answer.
So air war is still an issue. How should avoid this "bug", or unbalanced feature? Just not bombing airfields, and limited air operations (as house rule), for example only ground support and interdiction allowed?
And what about logistics? Should we increase from 100 to 150? Or logistics is fine?

eskuche -> RE: Ideal multiplayer options? (8/23/2020 11:04:18 PM)

Very generally for logistics, I think the old rules hold. Definitely do not DECREASE logistics as a handicap...I believe there was a game where someone tried that to disastrous results.
For house rules, it really depends on your opponent. If they are going to eke out every single advantage, such as by mass ground bombing the Axis, it may be helpful to limit unit bombing to say somewhere between 10 and 20 hexes per turn. Otherwise, the toll on men alone (upwards of 10-20k KIA per turn) render a foregone conclusion 1945 whatever the ground war entails, not to mention armaments lost (also 10-20k possible per turn by a dedicated VVS bombardier).

Callistrid -> RE: Ideal multiplayer options? (8/23/2020 11:11:43 PM)

Hmmm... 10-20k damage from air operations seems to be harsh.
Therefore the fairest solution is to limit, or deny active air operations, and mostly set them reactive, like ground support, and interdiction attack.
Any other notable advise?

eskuche -> RE: Ideal multiplayer options? (8/23/2020 11:44:09 PM)

That is my preference, after having spent many of my arthritis progression points doing pointless air bombing after my opponents resigned. Especially if there is high pressure to do so to squeeze every last drop of efficiency out.

Otherwise, not really! Besides finding someone to play at your pace. I am guilty of getting slower and slower...and I am looking for a Soviet game if you would happen to want to switch to axis [:)]

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