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Redjac -> Number of Players in NetPlay (8/23/2020 5:16:26 PM)

Under the Mode of Play at the start of the game there is an option called Internet. Under the help section it states that more than 2 players can play Matrix World in Flames.

Is this statement true? Can 3 people play Matrix World in Flames over the internet?

Any help would be appreciated.

paulderynck -> RE: Number of Players in NetPlay (8/23/2020 6:03:33 PM)

The software for Netplay only supports two players playing over the internet in real time. 3 or more can play using screen sharing software or can play PBEM by sharing the game files. In those cases using the "solitaire" or "head-to-head" modes would work better than Netplay.

I suppose three could play Netplay by having the two on the same side use mouse and screen sharing, but they could not be doing their moves at the same time - essentially they'd be alternating control.

Redjac -> RE: Number of Players in NetPlay (8/23/2020 6:22:43 PM)


Thank you for the quick reply.

davidachamberlain -> RE: Number of Players in NetPlay (8/24/2020 2:23:22 AM)

That has been my experience, as well. We started with Netplay with 2 players sharing a screen for each side. Later we switched the file to Head-to-Head (because of the 2 names) and have been using that since with a single screen shared with everyone.

Maybe some day, there will be a multiplayer (more than 2) version of Netplay to allow things to take place in parallel, but until then, this is a better option since the files don't get screwed up on Undo's that happen.


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