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rentee -> new SHQ recruits and colonists missing (8/21/2020 9:05:33 PM)

Hi can someone help
I cant seem to raise troops or send replacements to OHQ's or militia that are attached to my second SHQ? Can anyone tell me why no new recruits or colonists are appearing to be allocated to SHQ2 from attached zones Or am I missing how to do this.? (food, oil, metal etc., are Ok.
Could be a bit more in manual about creating a second SHQ and advantages
Found it hard to maintain supply (food) to units furthest from SHQ1 in fact half my army starved to death!!
so eventually created SHQ2 and this helped but!!! No reinforcements.

rentee -> RE: new SHQ recruits and colonists missing (8/21/2020 11:25:28 PM)

Hi just answered this for myself
I have just tried putting the down the workers wages and increasing the recruit's and after a couple of turns I started to get a few recruits joining.(I had let the workers wage get higher than recruits) Also I found that recruits are percentage of overall zone population and they are mostly new growing cities under the new SHQ, so not high populations.

Its a hard game, to juggle all the different aspects especially food vs water vs energy vs oil and transporting it all on a desert world

Ive only managed to finish and win one game on a moon.

rentee -> RE: new SHQ recruits and colonists missing (8/22/2020 12:43:43 PM)

Hi Update

Supply issues much better but still hard to raise troops in second SHQ. May also be running out of money?
Would be nice if you could transfer between SHQ's.

Started on larger lush planets but found it hard to learn on the job!
So Started again on a moon and won (7 zones). (Having good leaders helped)
Latest campaign on a planetoid going better. Turning the tide at last! I have 2 minor clients and fighting against last major. Rebels (disgruntled dismissed leader!) and marauders still a pain

rentee -> RE: new SHQ recruits and colonists missing (8/22/2020 6:14:13 PM)

Hi update

Just won on desert Planetoid.
I tried with a single SHQ but couldnt get logistics to work over long distances and half my army starved.
So backtracked to last city taken and created a new SHQ for the western half of conquered lands and attached zones and OHQs and units etc. This worked and the logistics worked too.
Feeling a bit more confident with the mechanics but there is so much to micromanage and you are often the victim of fate!
I did find on larger planets that my early turns would take 1min and the AI took 9min. So lot of waiting around which is why I tried a moon and then a planetoid. Much better experience and rewarding when it all clicks together.
Medusa Class Planet next

rentee -> RE: new SHQ recruits and colonists missing (8/23/2020 1:44:50 PM)

Hi update

Skipped Medusa to avoid aliens for now.
Doing a large Siwa planet.
86 turns in and doing well with single SHQ in the middle of my empire, half conquered one major to the west but have a hostile major to the east..
But just started to get starving troops again after taking a city need more LIS!?
I guess the demands of the conquered zone tips the scales.
Will try more trucks and supply depots but low on petrol as lots of mobile troops!
Will also try a second SHQ and see how that does.

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