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thewood1 -> [Logged] Satellites and ballistic missile launches (8/17/2020 11:09:57 PM)

I have spent too much time trying to figure out which satellites to include to give early warning for ballistic missile launches in Iran. Anybody have any advice for a modern (2020+) scenario?

btw, I don't mean in real-life. I mean in game terms.

boogabooga -> RE: Satellites and ballistic missile launches (8/18/2020 3:41:46 PM)

The modern U.S. program that does that is called SBIRS (Space-based Infrared System). Before that, it was DSP (Defense Support Program), which may have some remaining real-world capability today, but those are quite old satellites at this point.

I've messed with DSP satellites in CMANO a while back and I found it to be rather bugged overall. You are free to speculate as much as you want with every other unit type in the game, but for satellites for some reason you are tied to specific semi-real world examples. I say semi-real because I'm skeptical that the developers are including detailed real-world multi-decade ephemeris for dozens of classified orbits. Anyway, if I recall, problem one was that in CMANO, the sensor range was 500nm or something, but these EW satellites are waaay up there (geostationary orbit is at 19000 nm). So they never actually saw a launch. The next issue was that at some point in time, there were a bunch of of geostationary satellites listed as "already deorbited" for the present time when I was trying to add them in the editor. That's not a thing; geostationary satellites do NOT deorbit and probably never will (we can have a discussion about delta-V requirements and how much fuel that would take if anyone wishes.) It could be that they actually mean that the satellites have become defunct, but I'm not sure where the developers are getting the information from to assume that. For DSP in particular, CMANO was showing many geographical gaps in coverage over time, but I am fairly sure that the constellation was meant to maintain 24/7 global coverage by always having at least 3 satellites spaced 60 degrees apart- and probably more plus backups. I never got it to work and never tried again.

But again, that was CMANO. I'll look at it in CMO later and let you know what I find, just keep reminding me.

thewood1 -> RE: Satellites and ballistic missile launches (8/18/2020 4:41:56 PM)

I know about SBIRS, but couldn't get them to detect a launch in Iran.

boogabooga -> RE: Satellites and ballistic missile launches (8/19/2020 5:16:03 PM)

I can confirm that SBIRS seems as blind as a bat. See attached test scenario, neither satellite is seeing that a Typhoon SSBN is blasting away right underneath them.

Start a thread in tech support and I'll back you up, or I can start it.

Also, both satellites are way out of place. A 10 degree longitude separation is about useless. Compare for example CMO's USA 241 to the real-world position here:

Rory Noonan -> RE: Satellites and ballistic missile launches (8/24/2020 6:05:48 AM)

Logged for investigation.


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