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BeirutDude -> Clearing the Way, 2021 (8/17/2020 12:19:59 AM)

This scenario started about two months ago as a sandbox, created when talking on the forums about a hypothetical PRC-USN/JMSDF War and possibilities surrounding the PRC IRBMs/ASBMS. One thought I had was could the USAF use its stealth aircraft to take out those missiles early in a war (or prior to in a first strike). This was my attempt to find out. This is only one part of what would be a larger operation, but a vital part. Your mission is to fly deep into the PRC and take out the DF-26 ASBMs.

After folks tell me how they've done I'll tell you how I did! [&:] [&:]

BTW in my opinion the PRC air defenses could be understated in this scenario.

KnightHawk75 -> RE: Clearing the Way, 2021 (8/17/2020 7:24:45 AM)

Sounds like a good challenge, thanks for sharing.

Schr75 -> RE: Clearing the Way, 2021 (8/17/2020 8:16:38 PM)

OK i took the challenge[:)]

Spoilers ahead!!

I send my Spirits south, as I didnīt think it would be possible to navigate them through the gap between China and Russia.
After refueling just south of Taiwan, I penetrated west of Hainan and killed a few long range low frequency radar, as they are capable of detecting me.

After that it was pretty easy to reach launch range of the DF-26 targets.
My only problem was the insane airdefence around the target launchers, so I only managed to kill a few launchers.

I will try again tomorrow.

Nice one Beirutdude[:)]

BeirutDude -> RE: Clearing the Way, 2021 (8/18/2020 9:02:44 PM)

I've spit them up and few in NOTE, that worked well. The one time I flew in high in a group I got butchered.

Worth taking out the ADA with one or two Spirit load outs if you can.

BeirutDude -> RE: Clearing the Way, 2021 (8/29/2020 7:47:50 PM)

Anybody else try it? Worth posting?

KungPao -> RE: Clearing the Way, 2021 (9/8/2020 12:31:22 AM)

Hi BeirutDude.
Noticed that the USAF side's awareness is set at "Autoside and Unit ID"

KungPao -> RE: Clearing the Way, 2021 (9/8/2020 1:27:37 AM)

Also at the beginning of the scenario, there are two B-2 loss already

KungPao -> RE: Clearing the Way, 2021 (9/10/2020 3:07:27 AM)

Yes, the S-400 are very effective to knock down my JASSM. I took a well planned route for JASSM, S-400 sites didn't detect them until 11nm away, but then they knocked out 43 JASSM, I only achieved one hit.

Hit save and will continue tomorrow, see if I can pull out safely

continue from yesterday's save. Pull out process had some drama. It was already a dawn time, 2x J-11D got into less than 80nm range with B-2s. Due to their AESA Radar, the RWR on B-2 didn't pick up the signal until 90nm away, so I have to change the flight to NOE for a while.
Brought everyone back to home safely, ending score at 0

I made the breach at the coast between Hong Kong and Haikou. Followed the route through Guiyang --> Chongqing --> Tian'Shui (the area between Xi'An and Lanzhou)

I noticed that at 30N 102E, there is a reference point mark left there with "SAM Bn S-400" so I avoided Chengdu area. But in RL Chengdu area should be one of the heavily defended zone. There are several nuclear weapons research/manufacturing facilities in Mianyang.

BeirutDude -> RE: Clearing the Way, 2021 (9/12/2020 12:41:45 AM)

That was just from the previous sandbox play. If I submitted this, and likely wouldn't I would clear that. Takes a Lua script to do so.

BeirutDude -> RE: Clearing the Way, 2021 (9/12/2020 12:44:33 AM)

I had similar results with only one hit in one play through. Had another were all fur B-1As were shot down.

schweggy -> RE: Clearing the Way, 2021 (9/12/2020 1:23:40 PM)

I played this several weeks, maybe a month ago. I was able to destroy 3 of the 4 ASBM sites with the 4th damaged about 50%. As others have mentioned, I entered Chinese airspace in the south, flew north with the B-1's spread out individually and more or less weaving around radars, SAM's and air bases. Exited the same way. Almost lost the AWACS as it got a little too close to the Chinese coast early in the scenario. No US losses.

Nice, quick scenario that needs some micro management.

BeirutDude -> RE: Clearing the Way, 2021 (9/14/2020 10:48:30 PM)

Thanks! I might clean it up a bit and submit it. I figure with the low number of aircraft micromanaging as the way to go.

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