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impi07 -> Some font values are not loaded (8/12/2020 1:24:29 PM)

If you edit the OffsetX and OffsetY Override font values, the changes work in the game and are saved in Opart 4 Fonts.ini, but if you restart the game, the values will be set to 0.
I have tried this with Equipment Dialog Medium Font and Status Bar Font. This will happen with other fonts too, I think.

Shadrach -> RE: Some font values are not loaded (8/13/2020 11:50:43 AM)

Yes, this happens. Actually the values are kept in the file, but once you enter the Fonts editor they will be reset.

Doesn't seem to happen to other values like "background", but not tested all of them.

So definitely a bug, and I guess nothing to do but report it to Matrix Support, maybe it will be fixed in the next couple of years or so [8|]

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