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ComadrejaKorp -> Movement boxes by sea (8/10/2020 11:25:57 PM)

In this beta Axis cannot use movement boxes by sea, but if Axis dominates Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Persia, shouldn't he have access to them? It would seem fair.
The only way out to the Pacific will always be Gibraltar, it limits Italian fleet options and limits Axis strategies.

MorningDew -> RE: Movement boxes by sea (8/10/2020 11:51:25 PM)

Should not have access to Atlantic boxes, that represents control around the Cape, not the Middle East. I would think they might be able to move between the Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

ComadrejaKorp -> RE: Movement boxes by sea (8/11/2020 1:16:26 AM)

Understood, now I see the logic of the ban.
The red sea box will not be available either, I have checked it in hotseat.

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