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CloseCombatRob -> Complaint about latest update (8/9/2020 12:39:53 PM)

In the latest update of Last Stand Arnhem the it says the game was updated to 32-bit graphics, so why is a full screen option not available? The game already worked in windowed mode before this update so this is kind of pointless if there isn't a full screen option anymore. I want to play it fullscreen in a lower resolution as the graphics are way too small in 1080p and makes it near unplayable for me but lower resolutions have to be played in a window unless i keep changing my pc resolution before i start the game. I wish there was an option to scale the game rather than just the interface.

SteveMcClaire -> RE: Complaint about latest update (8/9/2020 3:20:32 PM)

The last major update for Last Stand Arnhem was several years ago and did not update the game itself to 32-bit graphics. Windows 10 no longer supports DirectX exclusive mode (the mode where you can have an app change the screen resolution for itself) in 16-bit color, so this is not available in Last Stand Arnhem or any of the older Close Combat titles (those prior to Panthers in the Fog, which was converted to 32-bit color graphics.)

CloseCombatRob -> RE: Complaint about latest update (8/10/2020 7:52:14 PM)

I was referring to the 6.00.00 patch which states that it now runs in 32-bit. But for me playing at 1920x1080 makes everything way too small to be enjoyable. I just really wish I could play at 1280x720 in fullscreen as thatís the ideal resolution for me in all cc games before pitf.

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Complaint about latest update (8/10/2020 9:08:01 PM)

If you set your desktop rez before running the game, that should give the same result, though I appreciate that is not ideal.



CloseCombatRob -> RE: Complaint about latest update (11/27/2020 11:13:39 AM)

An option to scale up the graphics of the entire game to make it play like its being played on a lower res or something like that would be nice especially considering the graphics are designed for 1024x768 I believe

Tejszd -> RE: Complaint about latest update (1/23/2021 9:48:10 PM)

Use DPI is available with the latest LSA update and will scale ALL the game graphics based on your Windows DPI setting.

If you do not want to change your Windows DPI then you scale the Front End UI and or in the battle UI elements.

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