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Okayrun3254 -> Multiplayer Game (8/7/2020 10:44:34 PM)

I lost my password to sign on for a multiplayer game, and there is not a option to set a new password.

bcgames -> RE: Multiplayer Game (8/8/2020 2:19:54 AM)

Somebody fact check me on this but I think your forum username and password is what is used for Matrix/Slitherine PBEM server. change your password for PBEM--change your forum password.

If I am correct, go to the Matrix Forum and select Login. Then select Forgot your password? Change your password and then you are Golden.

Okayrun3254 -> RE: Multiplayer Game (8/8/2020 3:57:54 AM)

That worked, thanks.

bcgames -> RE: Multiplayer Game (8/8/2020 4:58:33 AM)

Great! I'm usually no good at answering technical questions.

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