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Saros -> Several late game issues (8/7/2020 12:03:41 PM)

Hey Vic there are a few issues we have run into while playing late game pbem.

1) German reinforcement divisions which arrive after you finish supplying cold weather gear to your army group don't get equipped with cold weather gear.

2) There is an arbitrary line past which you can't place Soviet minor garrisons, especially in the south it's not uncommon for the germans to reach it.

3) Forts can't be placed in mud/snow hexes. Mud I can understand but even with frozen ground you can make preparations.

4) If the siberians are arriving early they can't be redeployed as they don't go to the top of the reinforcement list and the redeploy card picks the one at the top.

5) Goering fuel complaint event, the 0 PP option increases Goering's opinion of you but doesnt increase luftwaffe capability like it says it should.

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