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Dalwin -> extreme RNG on air hitting troop transports (8/6/2020 3:06:07 AM)

In general the ability of air to hit ships is pretty marginal in this game. Planes can fail to find fleets at sea or in port repeatedly and only do slight damage when they manage to be successful.

In contrast to that, air units will often fail entirely to hit troops transports either at sea or unloading in some port, BUT when a hit in port occurs it is often for an incredible 30 damage and wiping out an entire corps (armor or otherwise) in one strike. The extreme results to this randomness are enough to ruin the entire game.

In my last game versus a human, I was often able to ship units where needed but now and then, BLAMMO, an entire corps instantly destroyed. This is so far out of scale from the damage air units are doing in any other circumstance that I find it incredible that the randomness of it is not a common topic on the forum. I lost at least 5 corps to this version of Russian Roulette and have stopped playing entirely because of it.

It would be much better if air was more reliable in scoring hits on enemy shipping but that the damage not be so extreme. Steady and reliable damage makes for a better game than does Russian Roulette.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: extreme RNG on air hitting troop transports (8/6/2020 3:23:55 AM)

I changed the ship hit on land units in the recent beta. I am not sure if it is in the one I already have up or not. But I am putting a new one Friday.

Naval is very difficult to balance. From my many games it is pretty correct. You don't want fleets just blowing up left and right unless a player does something catastrophically stupid.

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