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Hairog -> World War Three 1946 anyone? (8/5/2020 6:09:16 PM)

I'm starting the process of bringing this scenario over to this platform. It will take some time but I think WarPlan will be a good match. Here's the premise


Hairog -> RE: World War Three 1946 anyone? (8/5/2020 6:13:47 PM)

Splash screen


Hairog -> RE: World War Three 1946 anyone? (8/5/2020 6:21:26 PM)

1946 it's all the Red Army. But don't worry, NATO's time will come.


Hairog -> RE: World War Three 1946 anyone? (8/5/2020 6:22:29 PM)

One more.


ncc1701e -> RE: World War Three 1946 anyone? (8/5/2020 8:52:20 PM)

Great, Nato has no chance........

michaelCLARADY -> RE: World War Three 1946 anyone? (8/24/2020 9:21:08 PM)

Had there been no atomic bombs I expect the West would have stayed mobilized as we knew what Stalin was. Also Ukraine should have very active anti-Stalin partisans and the Soviet economy should be close to collapse.

Hairog -> RE: World War Three 1946 anyone? (8/26/2020 2:53:37 AM)


Had there been no atomic bombs I expect the West would have stayed mobilized as we knew what Stalin was.

There were in fact only 4 atomic bombs in existence in May 1946 and Stalin knew this. So here's how the scenario works. Very few people knew how few we had including Truman. Because of his incredible spy network Stalin did. The story goes like this, Laventia Beria figures out a way to cripple the production of the bombs as well as kill off most of the brain trust behind our nuclear capabilities. There was a spy named George Koval (code name DELMAR) who was the Safety Inspection Officer and had full run of both Oak Ridge and Dayton, OH. It was thought that you needed Polonium (not Plutonium) to make an atomic bomb work in 1944-48, so they refined it from millions of tons of ore. Ten nanograms are a lethal dose if ingested in food or the air. The storyline has DELMAR putting the world's only supply of polonium into the air handling system of both Dayton and Oak Ridge. He has them timed to go off at lunch during a high level meeting that is attended by the leadership as well as the engineers and mechanics of the US Atomic program. Not only does it kill them, but it is on their clothes and kills a good portion of their families and grocers, bakers and candle stick makers etc. along with the milkman. One gram can kill 10 million people.

This spreads panic throughout the nuclear production facilities as well as nationwide and the program is shut down. This happens months after the last of the Veterans of the European theatre are brought home and start attending school on the GI Bill. In reality there were virtually no veterans in Europe in the Spring of 1946. The troops who were there were numbered less than 12 divisions on paper and had no combat training whatsoever. The were trained as policeman and had no clue as to how to even get in a tank much lets use it in combat.

How long do you think it would take America to once again become the arsenal of Democracy and draft and train enough men to once more invade Europe. My very educated guess is a miniumum of 6 months at the earliest. Personnally I think it would take up to two years to first convince Americans to start rationing again, give up their newly bought radios, buy last years mode cars and to once again save Europe by pulling her ass out of a fire.

Until Stalin attacks the situation would be exactly the same as it was historically. The Soviets had 60 full, combat ready divisions full of veterans ready to attack on a few days notice. The Allies had 14 half strength divisions full of rookie policeman and 4 atomic bombs. Exactly how it was in May of 1946

Also Ukraine should have very active anti-Stalin partisans-

I agree, but again how long would it take and what would it take to motivate, train and supply enough to make a difference. My guess is that we would have to gain a few substantial beach heads and pour supplies into them as we trained the Freedom Fighters to take on the Cossacks and Russians. A year minimum, so the Spring of 1947 or even 1948. In the meantime Stalin would have free rayne to Europe's resources including enough equipment and supplies to keep 90 full divisions in full offensive mode for 6 months. That's how much stuff we had accomulated in France and Germany just in case Hitler pulled a rabbit out of his hat. There were 18 massive depots filled with tanks, guns, bombs and fuel that we were trying to sell to the French and British in May. It would have all been there for the taking.


and the Soviet economy should be close to collapse.
- What better way to keep your economy afloat than to loot Western Europe? Enough said on that subject.

Read all about it in my World War Three 1946 five book series on Amazon.

michaelCLARADY -> RE: World War Three 1946 anyone? (8/27/2020 10:46:21 PM)

Still ignoring that the USSR was a burned over wreck with most fit military age men already dead and a sizeable anti-soviet rebellion ongoing.

Hairog -> RE: World War Three 1946 anyone? (9/6/2020 12:52:55 AM)

The absolute best job/profession/career in the Soviet Union in 1945-48 was to be in the military. Military families received all sorts for perks like food, an apartment with running heated water, medical care, and money. The very things that many Soviet citizens did not have.
Stalin was no fool and he made sure that his standing army got an abundance of food while much of the peasantry was starving. The military knew how good they had it as well and competition was great for any openings. The best and brightest that the Soviet Union still had, was in the military.

They had 61 well equipped, crack divisions sitting near the border between the British and US occupation zones. Let’s say that represented 15,000 x 61 = 915,000 of the best the Soviet system could provide after years of slaughter. The Soviets drafted a staggering 34,000,000 soldiers over the course of the war. Of these 8,700,000 were casualties. That left 25,000,300 trained veterans available for WWIII in May 1946. During the war 394 divisions were fielded. 15000 per division x394 = 5,910,000 with 8.7 million casualties for a total of men 14,610,000 needed for the entire war. 25,000,300-14,600,000, on paper they still had 10,000,000 veterans that they could call upon. Lets say that 20% were unfit for duty, 10million x 80% = 8 million conservatively available.

In August of 1945 Operation August Storm took place. So less than 3 months after doing their part to rid the world of Nazis they had gathered over 1.5 million men using a single track railroad. By May Those troops minus 13000 casualties, were back West.

1.5 million men equals 100 division full of veteran fighters. They demonstratively had troops to spare to invade western Europe and slice through the 16 divisions of ill trained, non-veterans who were playing policeman. Yes they lost a lot of men but the 1.5 million veterans that were out east would be enough in May 1946.

How would you motivate your battle weary men to go back to war? The riches of Western Europe, with the biggest prize Switzerland had in its vaults unimaginable Nazi loot and treasure, Jewish jewels and gold.
By May, 1946 Germany was asking permission to export manufactured goods such as locomotives and rail cars. 80% of the bridges in Germany were repaired or replaced. In Germany food was being rationed to 1200 calories a day, not because there was a shortage but for political and punitive reasons. 2/3 of France was untouched by the war. Spain and Portugal had luxuries beyond a Soviet soldiers imagination.

Imagine this: You are summoned to a special meeting and only your company. It's held in the Officers building where the top brass gets briefed before telling you what to do no questions asked. Some atrocities are presented to demonize the remaining German population, the French,
British and Amerikosi. Highlighting the death camps and the use of the Germans for slaves, starving them, the French humiliating the women who had German soldiers for mistresses, with all the incongruities sweep under the table.

The presentation is incredible, going on and on about the treasures the Nazis have hidden and you're given a choice. For the first time in the Soviet Military system you are given a choice to stay in the desolate camps, walking the same trench system on guard duty for months on end or looting, pillaging and of course fighting Capitalism and its many cruelties.

Oops there I go with the Alternate History thread. Sorry about that.

Beria had taken the backbone and starch out of the Ukrainian Army and they were no longer a threat of any consequence to Stalin.


“By 1946, the UPA was reduced to a core group of 5-10 thousand fighters, and large-scale UPA activity shifted to the Soviet-Polish border. “

Ten thousand fighters is still a large rebellion but it was clear who was going to prevail and the rebellion was contained and without outside intervention. In my books they get that outside intervention but they are a work of Alternate History, whereas in reality they did not get the assistance they needed. The movement was exterminated by 1949.

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